What Do You Need To Be A Drag Queen?

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Drag is a mode of leisure that entails transgendering actors to play roles that belong to the other intercourse.

A male who garments as a woman and performs as one to entertain an viewers known as a drag queen. Drag queens can be found in a variety of types, counting on their class, the setting by way of which they act, how ceaselessly they perform, and the custom they characterize (Gonzalez, 2004).

Drag queens must work on their bodily choices, akin to dressing like girls, waxing their physique hair to seem like feminine pores and pores and skin, shaping their eyebrows, making use of make-up, fixing fake eyelashes to point a feminine look, and imitating strolling, sitting, and talking positions with a view to indicate feminine traits.

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What Do You Need To Be A Drag Queen?

Being stunning is simply the first stage throughout the drag queen course of. Find your inside goddess and study to make it shine when you want to be an actual queen. She’ll moreover require experience do you have to prolonged for the stage.

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