What Happened to Harrison in Dexter? Who Did Dexter Leave Harrison with?


Of all Dexter’s connections in the initial collection, the one with his kid humanizes him one of the most. Harrison Morgan, called after Dexter’s adoptive daddy Harry, is initial seen in period 4. He is Dexter’s youngster with Rita Bennett (Julie Benz). His arrival brings a degree of normality to his daddy’s or else non-traditional life. Like any kind of various other committed moms and dad, Dexter sheds rest while looking after his kid, which leads to him making a significant mistake in his job as a bloodstain pattern expert. As the collection advances, Harrison comes to be an innate component of the story. If you are questioning what occurs to him at the end of ‘Dexter,’ we obtained you covered.

What Happened to Harrison in Dexter?

While, at first, Harrison is as regular as any kind of various other youngster, particular aspects of him begin to make Dexter awkward as his kid matures. While participating in a Mommy as well as Me Class, Harrison cuts an additional youngster’s cheek utilizing his fingers, in the strangely very same fashion as his daddy cuts open his targets’ cheeks while accumulating prizes. It is rather feasible that Harrison has actually acquired the dark traveler from his daddy, as well as it will certainly proceed to materialize as he develops. The last point that Dexter desires is his kid to comply with in his footprints as well as end up being a killer. But probably that’s where the paradox of their connection exists.

In the 8th as well as last period of ‘Dexter,’ Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski), Dexter’s enchanting passion as well as fellow serial awesome, strolls back right into his life. They rejoin as well as prepare to retreat to Argentina withHarrison Dexter’s kid establishes a solid bond with Hannah, as well as it just reinforces as the period advances. Meanwhile, Dexter tackles his most recent prospective sufferer, serial awesome Oliver Saxon or “the Brain Surgeon,” as well as desires to manage him prior to he disappears completely.

Dexter catches Saxon as well as almost eliminates him however does not complete it after understanding just how highly he really feels forHannah This is a choice that Dexter will certainly regret for the remainder of his life as Saxon fatally injuries Debra, Dexter’s adoptive sibling. Seeking revenge, Dexter encourages Hannah to go to Argentina without him. As a cyclone hits Miami, Dexter eliminates his sibling’s killer prior to seeing her at the health center. Debra has actually endured a stroke as well as entered into a consistent vegetative state. After a weepy goodbye, Dexter takes her off the life assistance as well as offers her a funeral at sea.

Who Did Dexter Leave Harrison With?

With his watercraft damaged, the outcome is as Dexter has actually planned: individuals think that he is dead. Hannah checks out the information of his death in a Buenos Aires coffee shop. Harrison exists with her. Although both of them do not have Dexter, the bond they have actually developed is solid sufficient for Hannah to maintain elevating him. Dexter recognizes this. It makes it simpler for him to disappear without a trace as well as go to Oregon, wishing to endure his life as a woodchopper.

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