What Happens to Kim in Better Call Saul? Does She Die?


Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) is arguably one of many essential essential characters in ‘Better Call Saul.’ Despite being a significant a part of the prequel, she doesn’t appear throughout the distinctive sequence, ‘Breaking Bad.’ This has led to so much speculation about her future. Given how profoundly brutal that universe is in direction of most of its characters, the followers are afraid {{that a}} ugly ending is throughout the enjoying playing cards for Kim. ‘Better Call Saul’ season 6 episode 9, titled ‘Fun and Games, largely solutions this. Here is what you want to find out about it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happens to Kim in Better Call Saul?

Kim has been a part of the plot of ‘Better Call Saul’ as a result of the beginning. The current has two main narratives. If one revolves spherical Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) and his transition into Saul Goodman, the latter is about Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) and his transformation from a parking lot attendant to a dreaded enforcer and hitman for Gus Fring. Kim is a quintessential part of the earlier. At the start of the sequence, she is a lawyer at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill (HHM). We examine that her journey from being an intern on the same company to being a lawyer impressed Jimmy’s private pursuit of a approved diploma. Later, whereas creating the character of Saul Goodman, Jimmy makes use of some aspects of her character.

While Kim is often a stress for good, doing skilled bono work and serving to out people who desperately need approved illustration, there’s a darker side to her character, part of which she inherited from her mother, who was a con artist. Her relationship with Jimmy brings these darkish qualities to the fore. In season 6, Kim and Jimmy hatch a plan to take the Sandpiper case away from Howard Hamlin. They know that the accusations of drug use will destroy Howard’s reputation, which is ready to inevitably harm him financially. But that’s an appropriate consequence for Kim and Jimmy.

Even though Kim entails know that Lalo is alive, neither she nor Jimmy predicts what happens subsequent. While Howard is at their home to confront them about their rip-off, Lalo appears and kills him. Later, Kim and Jimmy persuade Howard’s partner that he was using cocaine. Kim has been on the similar life trajectory as Walter White. But fortunately for her, she pulls herself away merely sooner than her descent to end darkness, one factor Walter didn’t do.

Kim quits the laws altogether and ends her marriage. She rightly tells Jimmy that they’re toxic to of us spherical them sooner than revealing she didn’t inform him about Lalo being alive on account of she knew that he would place her safety above all of the items else and immediately go on the run. She didn’t want to do that, as she was having an extreme quantity of pleasant. Ironically, her actions might have saved her soul, nevertheless they appeared to have carried out a excellent operate in Jimmy’s full transformation into Saul Goodman.

Does Kim Die?

As of season 6 episode 9, Kim isn’t ineffective. However, 4 additional episodes are nonetheless to go, and given the current’s propensity for startling its followers, one thing can happen. Interestingly, sequence co-creator Vince Gilligan talked about in an interview that in the occasion that they made one different spin-off, it may very well be about Kim. “She [Seehorn] can be hilariously funny, she can be absolutely moving. She can do anything, she just has this astounding range. Personally, as one of the first two fans of Better Call Saul, I want to know more about Kim, I want to see and learn more about her. If we were to do another spin-off it would be the Kim Wexler show,” he talked about.

Meanwhile, Odenkirk knowledgeable Entertainment Weekly that he hoped for a reconnection between Kim and Jimmy as Takavic. In 2022, Seehorn even acknowledged that she would really like to play the character as soon as extra. So, there’s a considerable threat that Kim Wexler could survive ‘Better Call Saul’ and even have her private current in the end.


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