What is Amina in FTWD? What is within the Tape?


In the fifteenth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic sequence ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 7, Alicia encounters the masked woman as soon as extra. The woman seeks Alicia’s help to look out her buddy, who can info the latter and her followers to PADRE. Alicia and the woman return to the Tower, only for the earlier to exit midway. Alicia wakes up on the MRAP, searches for any medicines for her fever, and comes all through a tape titled “Amina.” She unexpectedly retains the tape inside her bag. Since the episode is titled ‘Amina’ as properly, one must be questioning what really it’s. Let’s uncover out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What is Amina?

Amina is the nickname of a chook named Wilhemina. Alicia and her brother Nick acquired right here all through Amina sooner than the apocalypse after they’d been spending time by the mountains with their mother Madison. The chook crashed into one among many residence home windows of the residence they’d been staying, injuring its wings. Alicia and Nick named the chook Wilhemina, often called Amina, and commenced to nurse it. Even though Amina’s state of affairs worsened, Alicia and Nick didn’t stop caring for it. They sorted the chook with out sleeping night time time after night time time. Finally, Amina regained its effectively being and commenced to fly.

Amina symbolizes Alicia’s resilience and hopefulness. Rather than giving up on the chook when it was in a worse state of affairs, Alicia and Nick made constructive that the chook is getting a second chance at life. The title of the tape reminds Alicia of the equivalent resilience and hopefulness she as quickly as had whereas giving Amina a second chance to get greater and fly. In the episode, Alicia gives Strand a second chance at life by rescuing him from the burning establishing like she saved the injured chook. She forgives Strand for all his unacceptable selections and actions and assures her love for him to “nurse” him.

Alicia’s dedication to avoid wasting numerous Strand lastly pays off as he joins her followers in quest of PADRE or a radiation-free space like PADRE, reminding her of Amina, who started to fly attributable to her and Nick’s efforts. Amina moreover makes her discover that she will be able to’t hand over even when she is on the point of dying. Rather than leaving alongside along with her followers, Alicia returns to the Tower for the sake of any survivors who would possibly arrive on the place looking for a haven after listening to her message. Rather than giving up on these survivors, Alicia stays to help them no matter the unfavorable circumstances.

What is within the Tape?

In the fourth season, Althea interviews Madison about Alicia and Nick, her youngsters. Madison talks about how she has always tried to find a spot the place her youngsters shall be safe. She moreover talks about how she wants to guard the hope her youngsters displayed whereas nursing Amina with out giving up on the chook. Madison believes that discovering a haven will help her to guard the resilience Alicia and Nick have displayed all alongside. Althea then names the tape “Amina.” Alicia discovers the equivalent tape when she is in quest of a haven like her mother was whereas Althea made the tape.

The tape motivates Alicia to not hand over on her pursuit for PADRE. She saves Strand from the Tower and instructs him to assist her followers as they begin a journey to find a radiation-free space. Even whereas battling a excessive fever and encountering dying at an in depth distance, Alicia exhibits hope and resilience as Madison talked about in her interview with Althea.


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