What is Darkenfloxx in Spiderhead, Explained: Is it a Real Drug?


Based on the temporary story ‘Escape from Spiderhead’ by American creator George Saunders, ‘Spiderhead’ is a sci-fithriller sequence set inside the not-so-distant future. Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth), a jail overseer and scientist, makes use of the eponymous facility to examine his trugs on volunteering inmates. Before coming to Spiderhead, the inmates have been all incarcerated at state prisons. They agreed to be a a part of Abnesti’s trial in change for commuted sentences and positive privileges. Spiderhead is in distinction to each different jail. There are neither locked doorways nor orange jumpsuits at this facility. The inmates, who’re all convicted murderers, are allowed entry to just about in all places. However, as Jeff (Miles Teller), who is doubtless one of many inmates, finds out, Spiderhead has pretty simply a few secrets and techniques and methods. Darkenfloxx is doubtless one of many treatment that appear inside the film. Here is all of the items it’s important to seek out out about it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Is Darkenfloxx?

About halfway into the film, Jeff discovers a Bingo card amongst Abnesti’s evaluation notes and realizes that the other man makes use of the slots inside the card to name his treatment. Darkenfloxx is alternatively known as I-16. It’s one in every of many bins which have gold stars on it. This implies that its trial has been profitable. Darkenfloxx will improve psychological and bodily stress to a radical diploma. During one in every of many exams, Jeff is positioned with fellow inmates Heather and Sarah individually, and beneath the have an effect on of N-40, he has intercourse with them every. Later, Abnesti invites him to the comment room and asks him to resolve on between Heather and Sarah for the administration of Darkenfloxx. It turns into apparent that Jeff and the others inmates have been administered Darkenfloxx sooner than, and just about all of them seem to hate its impression. As a finish end result, Jeff refuses to make the choice, asserting that he doesn’t favor one woman over the other. Although Abnesti is initially skeptical, he realizes that Jeff is telling the fact and stops the experiment.

Despite this, Abnesti later brings Jeff once more into the comment room and tells him that the Protocol Committee of the pharmaceutical agency he works for has instructed him to handle Darkenfloxx on Heather. It doesn’t matter whether or not or not Jeff acknowledges it or not. This is a lie. The agency’s establish is Abnesti Pharmaceuticals, and Steve Abnesti is its proprietor. When Darkenfloxx is launched into Heather’s system from her MobiPak, the machine used to handle the treatment, she abruptly turns into agitated and violent sooner than killing herself beneath the have an effect on of the drug. Abnesti later discovers the connection between Jeff and one different inmate Lizzy (Jurnee Smollett). In the climactic scene, Abnesti makes Jeff administer Darkenfloxx to Lizzy.

Is Darkenfloxx a Real Drug?

No, Darkenfloxx isn’t an precise drug. But it’s one in every of many treatment that moreover appear in Saunders’ temporary story, which was initially printed in The New Yorker in December 2010. In the story, there isn’t a character named Lizzy. Instead of Sarah, Jeff is instructed to resolve on between Heather and an inmate named Rachel. In the climax of the temporary story, Jeff refuses to handle Darkenfloxx to Rachel. This prompts Abnesti and his affiliate, Verlaine, to depart the room to amass a waiver for administering an obedience drug to Jeff. Hoping to protect Rachel, Jeff administers Darkenfloxx on himself. He dies of suicide beneath its have an effect on.


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