What is in the Briefcase in Ray Donovan: The Movie? Who Does it Belong To? Where is it in the End?


‘Ray Donovan: The Movie’ opens up with a mystical briefcase doing the rounds. Seen in the belongings of the titular fixer’s daddy, Mickey, the leatherbound situation is tracked for a lot of the movie by different participants of the Donovan household, consisting of Ray’s child Bridget.

There is undoubtedly something extremely vital in the situation, as well as Mickey’s participation in the issue suggests (as it typically does) that there is something questionable concerningit So what’s truly in the briefcase, as well as who does it come from in the top place? If these are the type of inquiries that have actually remained with you considering that seeing the film, permit us to clear points up. Let’s have a look at the mystical briefcase from ‘Ray Donovan: The Movie.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

What is in the Briefcase? Who Does it Belong To?

For the the majority of component, the materials of the briefcase are referred to as “documents.” However, in among the movie’s very early scenes, it comes to be evident that these papers are exceptionally useful which Mickey is attempting to market them off at a significant revenue. We likewise see Ray plant a monitoring chip right into the briefcase so he can adhere to it (as well as Mickey). Bridget later on utilizes this tracker to discover her grandpa as well as daddy in the movie’s eruptive ending.

For even more information concerning just how Mickey came right into belongings of the situation in concern as well as who it comes from, we need to explore ‘Ray Donovan’ period 7. The papers inside the briefcase are useful supplies that come from Jim Sullivan, Ray’s veteran previous employer. When Ray learns that Jim frequently molested his sis when they were young, the fixer swipes the papers as well as asks Jim to gather them. When Jim gets here, Ray eliminates him as retribution for his sis, as well as the papers wind up withMickey Though not validated, it is hinted that the worth of the papers in the briefcase is twenty million bucks.

Where is the Briefcase in the End?

After the dreadful tried handoff in which Ray adheres to Mickey as well as exterminates the last’s get in touches with, the daddy starts to worry. He calls the Sullivans, supplying to market the papers back for quarter of the initial asking rate. Again, we do not see the bargain decrease, yet it feels like Mickey has a change of mind as well as just provides the situation back to Molly Sullivan.

When Ray later on comes to the Sullivan homeowner, Molly mentally informs him to take the briefcase considering that the cash is all he respects. The titular hero rejects, as well as when Molly inquires about her daddy’s location, he wordlessly resorts to leave. However, right before Ray can get involved in his auto, Molly fires him in the abdominal area.

In the end, the briefcase go back to its rightful proprietor or, to be specific, to the child of the rightful proprietor. Mickey is crestfallen when he discovers that Ray left the briefcase with the Sullivans as well as informs his kid that the cash need to be his (Ray’s). However, the brooding hero apparently desires absolutely nothing to do with the cash. The reality that Mickey likewise surrenders on the briefcase reveals that the senior Donovan likewise understands that the useful papers are extra problem than they’re worth as well as have actually indirectly created the fatalities of several individuals considering that they were taken.

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