What is Regus Patoff in The Consultant: Robot or Human? Theories

Created by Tony Basgallop, Amazon Prime Video’s thriller assortment ‘The Consultant’ follows Regus Patoff, a mysterious information who takes administration of CompWare, a on-line recreation publishing agency after the murder of its founder Sang-woo. Ever since his arrival, Patoff astounds his employees alongside along with his quirkiness, reformations, and brutality. Several of his actions make creative liaison Elaine and senior coder Craig marvel about his ambiguous earlier. As the gathering progresses, Elaine and Craig try their best to be taught further about him, which leads them to question whether or not or not he’s even a human being. If the viewers are curious to know further in regards to the an identical, proper right here’s what we’ll share! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Regus Patoff a Robot or a Human?

After Regus Patoff assumes Sang’s office, he reveals quite a few puzzling traits. Patoff cannot climb a staircase like a typical human being. Since he doesn’t have any revealed disabilities, Elaine and Craig marvel why he avoids the steps. The information moreover doesn’t sleep or return to his apparent home. He on a regular basis spends his nights awake on the office, all by himself. Craig later learns that the one place he visits usually is an isolated rest room on excessive of a hill. When Patoff calls Elaine to ask her to return to the office, he repeats the an identical sentence as he was commanded to take motion.

Patoff moreover lacks the pliability to understand an infinite amount of data, not lower than right away. When Elaine brings him the information collected by testing ‘Mr. Sang’s Jungle Odyssey,’ he doesn’t even understand the important concepts, which is unusual for a information who has raised the turnovers of every agency he has labored for. If all these components are linked, it’s protected to think about that Patoff is further of a robotic than a human being. Thus, the current offers enough clues to theorize that Patoff is a man-made machine even sooner than Craig’s meeting with Frank Florez, the jeweler Milani asks him to satisfy to know further in regards to the information.

Florez was a typical jeweler until a bunch of medical docs started to supply him orders to make peculiar objects with gold, all bought by cheques signed by “Regus Patoff.” The jeweler lastly realized that he had been progressively making the elements of a human skeleton. He acquired 206 orders from the mysterious medical docs, a amount that aligns with the everyday number of bones in an grownup human being. When Craig tells Florez about his boss Patoff, the jeweler will get curious in regards to the height and weight of the information, indicating that he doubts whether or not or not the skeleton he made was used to create the model new arrival at CompWare.

Florez’s suspicion is proved correct when Craig entails know that his fiancée Patti is locked up by Patoff in CompWare’s file room. After sending Elaine to rescue her, Craig confronts the information, who stands on a panel of glass. He makes use of a lesson he realized whereas creating ‘Mr. Sang’s Jungle Odyssey’ and hits the panel with a hammer, assuming that Patoff weighs throughout the burden of Florez’s golden skeleton. Craig succeeds in breaking the glass, which makes the information fall to the underside floor, severing a toe. Craig later dissects the toe and finds out that the bone inside is made up of gold, which makes it evident that Patoff is a robotic made with Florez’s golden skeleton.

Patoff would possibly want been made as a tool to reform sinking firm establishments and produce them once more to financial glory. Since he doesn’t ask for a single dime from his purchasers, he ought to have been conceived by an individual or group who wished him to be a crusader of capitalism. He not solely will enhance the turnover of a company however in addition changes its custom to ensure that it ought to proceed to carry out in protecting with capitalist norms in order that financial stability will keep even sooner or later. In CompWare’s case, Patoff eliminates the custom of prioritizing the employees’ rights and needs by instilling competitiveness.

By the time Patoff leaves the company, Elaine is capable of transform the model new authoritarian decide who has confirmed her performance by unleashing a wild elephant on the streets of Los Angeles for promoting their product. This transformation is necessary whereas theorizing that the information is a robotic. The changes Patoff brings to satisfy capitalist notions could also be described as “inhumane” or “heartless.” Bentley Little, the author of the eponymous provide novel of the gathering, and creator Tony Basgallop use Patoff, a robotic, as a marketing consultant of human firm moguls, who assemble and develop their empires over human struggling and the elimination of human consideration.

‘The Consultant’ turns right into a hard-hitting satire when it reveals that the an identical human moguls are as human as Patoff, a robotic. The lack of variations between them makes the current a commentary on modern-day’s capitalist custom, which is promoted and advocated by individuals who lack humane qualities.


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