What is ‘soft swinging’? Mormon TikTok mother Taylor Frankie Paul explains

Mormon TikTok mother Taylor Frankie turned well-known on the platform when she opened up about her personal life, nevertheless what’s ‘delicate swinging that she talks about?

TikTok phrases have grow to be fairly a preferred development on social media as customers have managed to study new issues simply by totally different viral videos.

The newest one which created fairly a buzz on the platform was ‘soft swinging,’ a time interval made well liked by Taylor Frankie Paul.

Who is Taylor Frankie Paul?

Taylor was born on May 23, 1994, in Utah. She has a giant social media following of over 4 million on TikTok.

Most of her content material materials revolves around her every day life whereas moreover sharing particulars about her Mormon group. In lots of the films, her children moreover make an look.

A couple of months once more Taylor opened up about getting a divorce from her now ex-husband, Tate Paul, and clarify how she misplaced numerous her buddies all through the fallout.

What is tender swinging?

Soft swinging refers to non-penetrative sexual relations exterior of marriage or relationship. It is further like an open relationship, nevertheless with some boundaries in place.

This turned a scorching topic of debate on TikTok when Taylor confessed that she and her ex-husband have been tender swingers.

In a TikTok Live, Taylor shed further gentle on what led to her relationship coming to an end. She acknowledged that on one occasion she ended up stepping out of the settlement.

She said: “I guess soft swinging is when you do other things, but you don’t go all the way. We had an agreement, and I did step out of that agreement.  and that’s where I messed up.”

She opened up about battling despair

In a video that was posted in October 2022, Taylor acknowledged that she was feeling depressed.

She said: “I actually texted one of my doctors today asking if I can go on some anti-anxiety, depression meds because I’m really, really struggling. I’m actually almost down to 90 pounds, which is extremely unhealthy for my height and age.”

She continued: “I don’t know if this is just the process of it, process of divorce, major loss, loss of my best friends, I got betrayed, I betrayed someone. As you can see, I am an emotional wreck on here. That’s why I think it’s so entertaining because these are my raw emotions, this is my real life falling apart.”

Since then, Taylor has tried to push by way of and continued to create content material materials.


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