Where Are Anil Mandal’s Wife and Son Now?


Chandrakant Jha’s murderous rampage in Delhi, India, ended with him being convicted of three grotesque slayings. However, he has been accused of killing many additional. Netflix’s ‘Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi’ chronicles Chandrakant’s life, motivations, and eventual arrest in May 2007. The docuseries moreover delves into the lives of the victims’ households and the way in which they’ve been affected by the murders. Anil Mandal was one in every of many males Chandrakant killed. Anil’s partner and son, Bharati and Vijay Mandal, talked about dealing with not understanding what occurred to Anil for a really very long time and wanting in every single place for him sooner than finding out of his dying. So, let’s uncover out additional then, we may?

Who Are Anil Mandal’s Wife and Son?

On the current, Bharati talked about transferring to Delhi with their kids and making a dwelling by selling greens. She remembered how Anil would work on the native market or usually journey to Punjab for agricultural work. At one degree, Bharati was at her dad and mother’ dwelling when she was pregnant and, upon coming once more, realized that Anil had been despatched to jail after being framed in a authorized case.

Bharati returned dwelling, with Anil being launched on bail finally. Later, he left for his court docket docket listening to nonetheless not at all received right here once more dwelling. Then, early morning sometime in October 2006, the authorities found a male torso wrapped up and positioned in a basket exterior Tihar Jail in Delhi. The head was decapitated, and the physique was certain. Investigation revealed that it was Anil’s physique and Chandrakant had killed him; the two had been mates.

But sadly, the family not at all found of it. Instead, Bharati initially felt that her husband had found work elsewhere or was put once more in jail, so that they waited for him to come back again once more. In the meantime, Vijay, the son, took up additional accountability by working in the marketplace, rag selecting, and hawking plastic. On the current, Vijay talked about making that money to pay for rent and hopefully for his father’s bail or to bribe the police.

The family saved looking for Anil nonetheless found no trace of him. Vijay talked about on the current that the police would take their money, make them wait, and later come once more and say a go to wasn’t doable. He alleged that the authorities would ask him and his mother to come back again once more on a big day to see him. Vijay and Bharati saved getting redirected to quite a few police stations nonetheless had no idea what had occurred to their father.

Where Are Anil Mandal’s Wife and Son Today?

It wasn’t until years later that Bharati and Vijay found about Anil being murdered by Chandrakant. On the current, Bharati talked about not even understanding when her husband was killed. Vijay felt that the police must have on the very least made an effort to permit them to determine the physique and was indignant about being made to run spherical for his or her father. Ultimately, the two of them talked about leaving all of it before now and maintained that they don’t give it some thought anymore. It seems as if the family has been trying to maneuver on and make a dwelling. Bharati and Vijay have chosen to keep up their lives private, with their closing acknowledged location being Delhi, the place they misplaced Anil.


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