Where Are Jerry and Marge Selbee Now? Are They Still Together?


Paramount+’s comedy film ‘Jerry & Marge Go Large’ depicts the true story of Jerry and Marge Selbee, a pair who exploited a loophole inside the system of the Cash WinFall lottery recreation, primarily based in Massachusetts, to make an unbelievable income. The film begins by portraying how Jerry found regarding the flaw in Michigan’s Winfall lottery attracts and the way in which he was able to find the an identical in Cash WinFall when the earlier recreation obtained phased out. Since the film solely covers Jerry and Marge’s lives until the early 2010s, the viewers ought to be eager to know regarding the current whereabouts of the couple. Well, permit us to share each little factor it’s best to know!

Who Are Jerry and Marge Selbee?

Jerry and Marge Selbee are a pair primarily based in Evart, Michigan. After retiring from Kellogg’s, Jerry started a model new chapter of his life in Evart by working a consolation retailer. In 2003, Jerry turned inquisitive about Winfall, a lottery recreation primarily based in Michigan. Upon going by the use of the strategies and constructions of the game, Jerry discovered a flaw within the an identical. He found that the “roll down” system of the lottery assured income to a lottery taker if the amount of tickets bought is extreme adequate. Jerry examined his discovery by betting lots of and gaining revenue. He instructed his partner Marge regarding the flaw, who started to accompany him in his endeavor.

Jerry and Marge started a corporation named GS Investment Strategies LLC for the lottery dealings. Several relations and mates turned the couple’s shareholders. With elevated capital to buy tickets, Jerry and Marge started to increase their revenue as successfully. When Michigan discontinued Winfall, the couple started to buy Cash WinFall tickets from Massachusetts. Jerry and Marge bought lottery tickets for 9 years and earned a gross of $26-27 million, which includes a income of $7.75 million sooner than taxes. When The Boston Globe printed a story relating to the flaw inside the system of Cash WinFall, the then Massachusetts state treasurer phased out the sale of the lottery tickets.

Where Are Jerry and Marge Selbee Today? Are They Still Together?

Yes, Jerry and Marge Selbee are nonetheless collectively. The couple carried out their final Cash WinFall recreation in January 2012. When Cash WinFall obtained discontinued, the couple started a constructing financing enterprise. Jerry started to lend money to the builders in Traverse City, Michigan. In a 2018 interview, Jerry named Marge as one in all his very important merchants. He laid his palms on the multistate Powerball jackpot and even tried to discover a system to decide on “hot” numbers nonetheless to no avail. Using the money they made, Jerry and Marge renovated their dwelling and helped their 6 children, 14 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren.

Jerry and Marge nonetheless dwell in Evart, Michigan, along with a lot of of their former merchants. The couple continues to connect with the earlier members of their agency. When Cash WinFall met its end, Jerry and Marge wanted to return to normalcy, which continues even at current. “Life didn’t change at all. In fact, it slowed down because we [Jerry and Marge] didn’t have anything to do for that two weeks out of six,” Jerry instructed New York Post. “We continued to go to breakfast every day, we continued to have coffee with friends, I continued to play poker with my buddies and life was just back to normal,” he added.

Jerry and Marge attended the premiere of the film on the Tribeca Film Festival collectively in June 2022, along with the solid members of the an identical. The Winfall and Cash WinFall adventures gave the couple an opportunity to attain success at one factor that benefitted not solely them however moreover their relations and mates.


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