Where Are Kim Haubenschild and Vanessa Bennett Now?


In January 1984, a string of brutal assaults in Colorado triggered so much furor and fear throughout the state, with authorities and residents questioning who was accountable. While 4 people ended up being murdered, others survived to tell their tales. Investigation Discovery’s ‘People Magazine Investigates: The Colorado Hammer Killer’ focuses on Alex Ewing’s reign of terror and the way in which Kim Haubenschild and Vanessa Bennett have been believed to be attacked by him in separate incidents. So, let’s uncover out further regarding the two survivors then, we may?

Who Are Kim Haubenschild and Vanessa Bennett?

By 1984, Kim married Jim Haubenschild, and the couple settled into their home in Aurora, Colorado. At the time, she was solely 21 years earlier, and the couple beloved their time with buddies and a pet canine. But just some days after the New Year, Kim and Jim wanted to deal with a terrifying assault. During the early hours of January 4, 1984, Jim was making some music tapes whereas Kim went to mattress early.

Then, Jim joined his partner at spherical 2 AM, nevertheless he had forgotten to lock the storage door. The two have been attacked by any individual wielding a hammer sometime later throughout the evening time. Jim woke as a lot as a hammer blow to his face, and the attacker later flung the equivalent weapon at Kim, giving her a concussion. While an injured Jim went after the assailant, Kim referred to as 911. However, the authorities couldn’t uncover the actual particular person accountable that evening time.

It wasn’t until 2018 that they realized about Alex Ewing presumably being accountable for the assault; on the time, he was associated to 2 associated assaults that resulted in deaths. Kim talked about, “They told us they have a DNA match, and that’s when the reality of it hit in. I was very emotional at that meeting. I couldn’t believe that they were telling us about all of this.”

As for Vanessa Bennett, her life endlessly modified when she was solely three years earlier, sleeping in a mattress room she shared collectively along with her older sister, Melissa. Alex broke into their home in January 1984, bludgeoning all people with a hammer. This led to her mom and father’ and sister’s demise. However, Vanessa was found nonetheless alive whatever the assault and sexual assault; she was wedged between the wall and the mattress, barely holding on to her life.

But Vanessa moreover had a protracted freeway to restoration from her bodily accidents. Apart from a shattered jaw, she had a fractured skull, legs, arms, and pelvis. She was in a coma for a while and wanted to deal with paralysis on her left facet after regaining consciousness. Apart from that, Vanessa moreover talked about being made gratifying of in school as a child. While she didn’t take note one thing from the evening time of the assault, she talked about remembering components from the Christmas the family spent collectively in 1983.

Where Are Kim Haubenschild and Vanessa Bennett Today?

In the occasions after the assault, Kim tried to deal with it by assuming that her attacker was ineffective. She talked about, “It was comforting. I didn’t grasp the severity of it because I didn’t have a real person or anything to put with this. Now, it’s sinking in. I think it’ll be okay. I think I’ll come to grips with that.” Since then, Kim separated from her then-husband and went on to start out out a family of her private. She nonetheless lives in Aurora.

Vanessa struggled with the shortage of her family and the impression of her accidents whereas rising up. She talked about being recognized with bipolar dysfunction, post-traumatic stress dysfunction, and attention-deficit hyperactivity dysfunction. Furthermore, Vanessa struggled with drug behavior. While she had a son on the age of 18, he was taken away by CPS. At one degree, Vanessa was homeless and talked about residing beneath a bridge.

However, after Vanessa turned 30, she decided to fluctuate her strategies. Apart from stopping to make use of medication, she has been thankfully married to Frankie Willard. They dwell in a two-bedroom residence with their cat in Tucson, Arizona. She shares her story in all places within the nation and hopes to get a college diploma and develop right into a drug counselor sometime eventually.


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