Where Are Thomas and Kelley Clayton’s Kids Now?


In September 2015, a horrific crime in Caton, New York, led to the dying of Kelley Clayton, a youthful mother of two. She was bludgeoned to dying by Michael Beard, an individual employed by her husband, Thomas. The ugly murder-for-hire plot shocked the tiny metropolis of Caton nonetheless, further importantly, left two kids with out their mother. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The House in the Woods’ shines a light-weight on this very case and the aftermath. So, for many who’re inquisitive about what occurred to the youthful kids, proper right here’s what everyone knows.

Who Are Thomas and Kelley Clayton’s Kids?

Thomas and Kelley met sometime throughout the 2000s. One issue led to a distinct, and the two in the end acquired married, settling down in Caton. The couple had two youngsters collectively, a daughter and a son. At the time of the incident, they’ve been solely 7 and three years of age, respectively. Thomas, who acquired right here dwelling sometime after midnight on September 29, 2015, found Kelley ineffective throughout the kitchen and known as 911. The two youngsters have been at dwelling when the murder occurred. In one different disturbing progress, the authorities found that the daughter witnessed what occurred.

According to Sheriff Jim Allard, “She (the daughter) suggested me that, ‘a man was hurting mommy.’” When asked how she knew that, the little girl responded, “Because his eyes look just like daddy’s.” Later, she was taken to a child advocacy center, the place the authorities spoke to her further. The then-7-year-old said, “In the middle of the night, this guy came and started hitting my mom with like this pipe thingy. There was blood everywhere. On my door, on the floor. Not on the carpet, though. And I thought she was dead when she was lying on the ground in the blood.”

Furthermore, in a devastating progress, the girl said that her mother was struggling, so she hugged her leg. According to Thomas and Kelley’s daughter, the intruder wore dark-colored jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, and a masks. She said that the masks regarded like one factor that her father wore all through hunts. Later, when the police found the bloody clothes, they matched what the little lady talked about.

Where Are Thomas and Kelley Clayton’s Kids Today?

The investigation in the end led to Thomas and Michael being imprisoned for all occasions. But that left Thomas’ youngsters with out every their dad and mother. After the murder, the children have been taken in by Kelley’s older sister, Kim Bourgeois, and her husband. They seem to remain in New York, and Kim said she was grateful for the children. The youthful kids don’t have any contact with Thomas. In a letter to the courtroom docket, his daughter wrote, “I feel like dad is a coward because he asked Michael Beard to kill my mom.”

In March 2017, Thomas’ former hockey crew hosted a Domestic Violence Awareness Night, with the entire proceeds going to help the children. Today, Kelley’s daughter might be in her early youngsters, and her son might be about 9-years-old. They have understandably been saved from the spotlight and proceed to stick with the help of their family. In 2019, Kim shared an notion into the girl’s life, saying, “[She] still does not speak of it. She rarely talks about her mom. It’s too painful. [He] still cries out at night, ‘I miss my mommy. I want my mommy.’”


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