Where Is 12 Dates of Christmas Season 2 Cast Now?


HBO Max’s ‘The 12 Dates of Christmas‘ is an interesting reality show that revolves around three participants hunting for a partner to take home during the holidays. The main participants have their pick out of a pool of eligible singles and are then sent on different dates to test out their compatibilities. However, with love being extremely unpredictable, it’ s quite intriguing to see that winds up with whom. With season 2 of ‘The 12 Dates of Christmas’ currently behind us, followers fear to understand where the cast goes to existing. Let’s figure out, shall we?

Where Are Danny Escalante and also Nicci Ramos Now?

Towards the start of the season, Danny Escalante revealed rate of interest in a number of of his dates. However, it quickly emerged that it would certainly boil down to an option in between Brooke Lusk and alsoNicci Ramos Over the program of the season, Danny developed a close bond with both ladies and also appeared fairly torn in between both. However, with time going out, the love triangular obtained fairly stressful as Danny appeared to have sensations for both. Yet, the program conserved the most effective spin for the last, as in an unexpected turn of occasions, Danny wound up deciding on Nicci Ramos.

Image Credit: Joe Magnani/ HBO Max

Brooke appeared fairly dissatisfied at obtaining disposed and also also flew to New York City later on, wishing to win her love back. However, Danny appeared fairly established on Nicci and also did not transform his choice. Nevertheless, both Nicci and also Danny are very exclusive concerning their individual lives and also have not disclosed a lot on social media sites post-filming. That paired with an absence of records on their lives makes their present partnership condition uncertain. However, experiencing the pair’s dedication and also love for every various other makes it feel like they could be able to stand the examination of time.

Where Are Pinij NaLampoon and also Winston Thompson Now?

Initially, Pinij NaLampoon was presented on the program as Markelle Smith’s day. However, when Markelle recognized he still had sensations for his ex lover, he left the program production Pinij one of the primary individuals. Over time, Pinij checked out several links with Martin and also a couple of of the new kid on the blocks. Although he did appear to harmonize well with a lot of, he was not able to locate that enchanting trigger he so wanted. Thankfully, that transformed with Winston Thompson’s access as they fancied each various other throughout their extremely initial conference.

Image Credit: Joe Magnani/ HBO Max

Their shared tourist attraction was extremely noticeable, and also both developed a stunning partnership. Viewers were thrilled with the pair’s dedication, and also experiencing their love was incredible for certain. Thus, to nobody’s shock, Pinij NaLampoon and also Winston Thompson picked each various other at the end and also finished the season as a pair. Unfortunately, both Winston and also Pinij favor to maintain their exclusive life off social media sites, and also therefore, their present partnership condition continues to be uncertain. Still, with absolutely nothing to recommend a break up as of yet, we wish the pair takes care of to make it till completion.

Where is Amanda Jenkins Now?

33-year-old Amanda Jenkins is a dazzling starlet and also stylist that determines as a lesbian. Hoping to locate a best suit on the program, Amanda had her dreams addressed when she foundHina Sabitine From day 1, the pair developed a wholehearted link, and also their chemistry made them feel like a suit produced paradise. Their dedication and also commitment were out of this globe, and also there was hope of them making it right. Surprisingly, Amanda and also Hina also appeared to share an uncomplicated partnership as they really did not encounter numerous run-ins.

However, in a paradoxical spin, both entered an enormous battle in the season ending and also picked to separate, making Amanda finish the season without a companion. Amanda appears to be delighting in living life on her very own terms post-filming. However, without any reference of a charming companion on records or social media sites messages, her present dating life continues to be an enigma.

Where is Markelle Smith Now?

A gay dental expert from New York City, Markelle Smith, watched for a best “holidate” to take residence for the cheery season. Thus, from the first day, he started discovering his alternatives and also struck up a link with a couple of of his dates. However, as the season proceeded, his dates, Tom Seymour and also Jean Paul Acocella started obtaining near each various other, which better brought about them constructing out aheadof Markelle Markelle was fairly harmed by the advancements and also wound up calling his ex-boyfriend. While talking with his ex lover, the New York City dental expert recognized he still had unsolved sensations and also therefore picked to stop the program. Unfortunately, with Markelle currently choosing a life of personal privacy, his partnership condition continues to be under covers, and also it is uncertain if he ever before returned with his ex lover.

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