Where is Birgit Meier’s Daughter Now?


‘Dig Deeper: The Disappearance of Birgit Meier’ is a four-part docudrama collection that discovers the complicated situation of a Lüneburg citizen, that disappeared from her residence on August 14, 1989, never ever to be seen active once again. At the age of 41, Birgit was experiencing a splitting up after around 20 years of marital relationship, so her life was a little challenging as well as unpredictable, specifically with her alcoholic abuse. However, no person near to her thought that she just ran away or hurt herself due to the fact that she had a daughter she liked greater than anything else. So below’s whatever we understand concerning her.

Who is Birgit Meier’s Daughter?

Yasmine Meier is the only daughter of Birgit as well asHarald Meier According to the Netflix initial, she was developed out of matrimony as well as was the primary factor her moms and dads gotten married, suggesting that their union was much more out of need than love. Yasmine confesses that although she really did not see it in the past, she did ultimately recognize that her moms and dads were much more like roomies. Thus, although their splitting up damaged her heart, it was something she recognized she needed to take care of. And because she as well as her mom were exceptionally close, she was allow in on the discussions.

That’s specifically why they talked on-call at 10 p.m. on August 14, 1989, plain hrs after Birgit as well as Harald had actually reviewed their future separation procedures. Yasmine still keeps in mind that her mom appeared completely all right, specifically as she had actually guaranteed to call the adhering to early morning to speak much more. Then, at 00:00, a time instilled in her mind many thanks to the electronic clock on her going to bed table, Yasmine woke up with a sensation of fear. Early the following day, she attempted to call Birgit, as well as as soon as that went unanswered, she drove to her residence, just to locate it vacant. However, her vehicle existed, so a stressed Yasmine right away called her daddy as well as her uncle.

Where is Birgit Meier’s Daughter Now?

Like the remainder of the family members, Yasmine Meier had not been especially satisfied with just how her mom’s loss situation was originally taken care of. Yet, she constantly maintained a little ray of hope conscious maintain going– simply wishing to see or listen to Birgit once more. In her very own words, Yasmine thought every person at one time, including her daddy, yet it appears like that ultimately gone out right into a basic requirement for solutions. By completion, her one desire was to offer her mom a correct funeral, which was attained in November 2017. It was bittersweet due to the fact that she recognized it was the most awful feasible result, yet she additionally rejoiced concerning the closure nearly 3 years later on.

As for where Yasmine is today, unsurprisingly, she remains faraway from the limelight. In various other words, we do not recognize much concerning her individual or specialist life with the exception of the reality that she still seems close with her mother’s relatives et cetera of the family members. The loss of her mom is something Yasmine can never ever release, yet like any individual else that has actually dealt with such a challenge, she’s most likely at a phase where she’s just maintaining Birgit’s mentors as well as memories active in her heart. As her rhyme to her mom (consisted of in the docudrama) reviews, partially, “You are still the most important person to me. I will love you, always and forever.”

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