Where is Brenda McCutcheon Now?


During the early hours one morning in July 2016, Brenda McCutcheon claimed to have awoken to a loud noise solely to go looking out her husband, Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon, ineffective of their lounge. The distraught partner shortly turned the prime suspect as a result of the investigators pushed to unravel the case. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The Day the Music Died’ delves proper right into a carefully circumstantial case that ended with Brenda’s conviction. So, while you’re questioning how that occurred, we’ve acquired you coated.

Who is Brenda McCutcheon?

Buddy and Brenda have been married for higher than three a very long time by the purpose he was killed. On July 15, 2016, Buddy fell asleep on the couch within the lounge at spherical 9:30 PM. Brenda mentioned that she slept throughout the upstairs mattress room at about 11 PM. According to her, Buddy typically slept on the couch because of he snored and couldn’t sleep with out the TV on. Somewhere shut to 3:30 AM on July 16, Brenda heard a loud noise from downstairs and went to look at. She smelled gun powder upon entering into the lounge and knew Buddy was shot.

Brenda claimed that she ran to the neighbors’ dwelling for help, nevertheless no particular person answered the door. So, she bought right here once more home instead and known as 911 using her cellphone. After the authorities arrived, they found a silver gun tossed throughout the rows of ivy out throughout the yard. This was confirmed to be the murder weapon and was owned by Buddy. Brenda later testified that it was typically saved throughout the kitchen drawer. However, proof confirmed that the drawer was too full to retailer a firearm.

There have been no fingerprints on the weapon, nevertheless the police found a mixture of DNA. While Buddy was the foremost contributor, two totally different minor profiles couldn’t be acknowledged. As for Brenda, she had no blood or gunshot residue on her garments save for a small particle on her shirt. The investigators then appeared further intently at Brenda as a result of it didn’t appear to be an intruder had attacked Buddy.

Brenda labored at Buddy’s medical observe as a result of the office supervisor together with coping with the books. Investigation revealed that the couple was questioned by the Department of Revenue only some days prior and have been being checked out for embezzlement and buying property by false pretense. Brenda, accountable for the accounting, didn’t pay taxes from employee paychecks; this was considered embezzlement. In addition, she tried to have some documentation destroyed throughout the days after the murder.

Where is Brenda McCutcheon Now?

The prosecution claimed that Brenda let Buddy’s struggling observe take precedence over her private career as a nurse; she helped out on the office. While she tried to look after the taxes and payroll, the funds “quickly became a mess.” Furthermore, testimony revealed that Buddy was unfaithful, with the prosecution contending that Brenda might have stumbled on about it.

On the alternative hand, the safety reiterated that no bodily proof linked Brend to the murder. They mentioned that Buddy knew regarding the tax state of affairs for years and chosen to not pay. Brenda’s lawyer added that it may need been an intruder given that once more door was open. However, the jury sided with the prosecution and situated her accountable of first-degree murder. In February 2021, then 69 years earlier, Brenda was sentenced to life in jail with out the chance of parole. Records level out that she stays incarcerated at Anson Correctional Institution in Polkton, North Carolina.


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