Where is Dee Sumpter Now?


February 19, 1993, was endlessly etched into the memory of Sylvia Denise Sumpter. On that day, she realized that her daughter, Shawna Hawk, was ineffective at their condominium in Charlotte, North Carolina. More than a 12 months later, serial killer Henry Louis Wallace confessed to killing her. ABC News’ ‘20/20: Lock the Door Behind You’ focuses on the horrific case and choices an interview with Dee, who has since gone on to start out out a non-profit group. So, for individuals who’re curious to look out out additional, proper right here’s what everyone knows.

Who is Dee Sumpter?

At the time of the incident, Dee lived collectively together with her 20-year-old daughter, Shawna Hawk, in an condominium in Charlotte. Shawna was a paralegal pupil at a space individuals school and labored at a Taco Bell restaurant. On February 19, 1993, Dee returned home nonetheless noticed Shawna wasn’t there. However, her coat and purse have been in a closet. She checked with Shawna’s boyfriend, who hadn’t seen her each.

Dee thought it was unusual that her daughter left with out her coat and purse. Worried, she often called the police to file a missing specific individual report. The boyfriend, who arrived to comfort Dee, regarded spherical the house and positioned Shawna inside the bathtub inside the downstairs toilet. She was submerged in water. First responders rushed the youthful woman to the hospital, nonetheless she was pronounced ineffective there. An autopsy revealed that Shawna was strangled to dying.

The authorities have been lastly led to Henry Wallace, Shawna’s supervisor on the restaurant. Henry later confessed, saying that he stopped by her home and talked for a while. As he was leaving, Shawna hugged him, after which Henry suggested her he wanted to have intercourse collectively together with her. In the mattress room, the two carried out oral intercourse on each other sooner than having intercourse, and Henry suggested the police that Shawna was scared and was crying the whole time.

Then, Henry requested Shawna to positioned on clothes and took her to the bathroom. There, he choked the 20-year-old and stuffed the bathtub with water, putting her in it. Henry moreover confessed to taking money from her purse. Later on, he even confirmed up at Shawna’s wake, which angered Dee. She said, “This is some kind of a bold demon here, one like never before. He had the literal gall to show up at a service for someone that he knew he personally killed.”

Where is Dee Sumpter Now?

Dee was devastated by her daughter’s loss and believed the police might have carried out additional by way of the investigation. She said, “For some unknown reason, they just couldn’t connect the dots. There was not a level of caring. This is where the racial disparity comes in. Obvious, obvious connections… in my humble opinion, blatantly ignored.” After her daughter’s loss, Dee started a nonprofit group often called Mothers of Murdered Offspring along with two others. This group objectives to help the households of people who misplaced their lives in a homicide.

Apart from supporting the households through their grief, Mothers of Murdered Offspring created packages that look into violence prevention. While Dee isn’t as actively involved inside the group anymore, she nonetheless helps it. Dee added, “I just wanted mothers to come together and join our forces and our hearts. Not allow the anger and violence to rule our lives. I fight for my own breath sometimes. I fight to be here living right now.” She nonetheless lives in Charlotte, and aside from spending time with family, she works as a receptionist at a neighborhood church.

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