Where is Gregory Green’s Ex-Wife Faith Green Now?


During the early morning hours of September 21, 2016, Faith Green’s worst nightmare grew to change into a actuality as she witnessed her kids get murdered sooner than she was attacked herself. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Evil Lives Here: A Special Place in Hell’ has Faith focus on her marriage to Gregory Green and the way in which he lastly killed all of her kids, leaving her to deal with the aftermath. So, let’s uncover out further about her then, we may?

Who is Faith Green?

On the current, Faith talked about first meeting Gregory when she was solely 14 years outdated. Her father was a pastor, and he or she bumped into him at church. While they talked for a bit, it wasn’t until Faith was in her 30s that she seen Gregory as soon as extra. By then, he had served over a decade in jail for killing his then-pregnant partner. However, Faith talked about that she didn’t probe him about his earlier as loads initially.

Faith’s father, Fred, had supported Gregory’s launch from jail after serving 16 years, even writing a letter to the parole board. After Faith and Gregory reconnected, they moved in collectively and married in December 2010. The two had two daughters, Koi and Kaleigh. In addition, Faith had two kids, Chadney and Kara, from a earlier relationship. On the current, Faith talked about Gregory’s mood swings and erratic habits and had left him many cases sooner than going once more to him.

Records confirmed Faith filed for divorce 3 instances, along with a few month sooner than the incident. About three years prior, she had requested for a security order in opposition to Gregory. Faith wrote, “We’re filing for divorce. He’s being belligerent, kicking things. He kicked the couch while the baby was sleeping on it. Just kicking things threatening me and saying if I don’t leave, things are going to get ugly. Jumped at me like he was going to attack. This went on for hours.”

But on September 21, 2016, Faith talked about that Gregory woke her up in the middle of the night and compelled her into the lounge. Then, she was sure with zip ties along with Chadney and Kara, after which Gregory requested them to go to the basement. There, he shot his stepchildren to dying sooner than attacking Faith, capturing her throughout the leg and slashing her with a subject cutter. Later, the authorities found that he killed Koi and Kaleigh as successfully.

Where is Faith Green Today?

Faith survived and was present at Gregory’s approved proceedings. She known as him a monster and added, “I will not suffer as you intended. What you did did not work. While I stand up here trembling with fear, I put on my bravest face to be in the same room with the man who murdered all four of my children, two of them violently in front of me with a gun. He killed my other two babies with a hose that ran from the tailpipe of his car to where they were innocently sleeping.”

Faith’s restoration was laborious; she wanted to deal with short-term memory loss and migraines together with post-traumatic stress dysfunction and nightmares. On the current, Faith talked about missing her kids day by day and nonetheless coping with the horrible loss. While Faith usually did need to have died that night, she now hoped to take care of her kids’ legacy alive. From what we are going to inform, Faith lives in Southfield, Michigan, and continues to get higher from her ordeal.


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