Where is Heather Garraus’ Killer Shawna Nelson Now?


When Ignacio Garraus started an extra-marital affair with Shawna Nelson, he had no idea that it would consequence within the demise of his partner, Heather. However, when Ignacio decided to complete points and return to his partner, Shawna took it personally and murdered Heather in chilly blood. ‘Dateline: Internal Affairs’ chronicles the ugly murder and reveals how the police lastly honed in on the perpetrator. Hence in case you’re on this case and want to know the place Shawna is at present, now we have now you lined.

Who Is Shawna Nelson?

At the time of Heather’s murder, Shawna Nelson was married to Ken Nelson, and the couple shared two children. To the floor eye, Shawna’s marriage was good, as her husband, Ken Nelson, labored as a Weld County sheriff’s deputy whereas she stayed dwelling taking excellent care of the kids. Moreover, that they had been moreover pretty cozy financially, and neighbors had no thought regarding the points that had been creeping up behind closed doorways. As future would have it, Shawna was bored in her marriage with Ken and shortly acquired right here all through Ignacio Garraus, a police officer inside the Greeley Police Department. Although Ignacio was married to Heather Garraus, he and Shawna shortly acquired pretty shut and started an extra-marital affair.

Initially, the affair was saved hidden from Shawna and Ignacio’s family members, nonetheless with Shawna getting pregnant, it was laborious to take care of the important thing beneath wraps. That was when Heather acquired to know of her husband’s infidelity, although she was in a position to forgive his actions. On the other hand, Shawna wished Ignacio to go away his partner and switch in collectively together with her. Placed between a rock and a troublesome place, Ignacio lastly decided to return to his partner. Hence, he broke up with Shawna and even gave up his parental rights to their child.

Naturally, this made Shawna livid, who immediately began plotting revenge. She started by sending threatening messages to Ignacio and Heather nonetheless shortly decided to take points to the acute. Thus, on January 23, 2007, she dressed up in a black hood, hid her face behind a grim reaper masks, and drove her husband’s automotive to Heather’s workplace. Once on the placement, she ambushed Heather inside the parking zone, compelled her to get on her knees, and shot her to demise. Although Shawna escaped the scene sooner than the police arrived, Heather’s co-workers educated authorities about Ignacio’s affair and the best way Shawna had been threatening Heather for a really very long time.

Based on that data, the police began in search of Shawna and shortly found her driving her husband’s automotive. Interestingly, she was nonetheless carrying black, and apart from a grim reaper masks being present inside the truck, the police well-known that the equivalent tire pattern was positioned near the crime scene. Moreover, authorities moreover found a pair of footwear near Heather’s physique, which contained gunshot residue along with Shawna’s DNA. Hence, with a mountain of proof in direction of her, Shawna was arrested and charged with Heather’s murder.

Where Is Shawna Nelson Now?

When launched in courtroom, Shawna insisted on her innocence and denied her involvement inside the murder. Moreover, although her pal, Michelle Moore, testified inside the murder trial, Shawna claimed that Michelle was lying as she was beforehand romantically involved collectively together with her and was taking revenge after a breakup. Nevertheless, the jury lastly found Shawna accountable and convicted her of first-degree murder. As a finish consequence, she was sentenced to life in jail with out the potential of parole in 2008. Thus, to this very day, Shawna stays behind bars on the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility in Denver, Colorado.


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