Where is Janeene Jones Now?


Janeene Jones’ relatively excellent life came collapsing down when she was jailed for getting a gunman. Investigation Discovery’s ‘American Monster: Home Video Hit’ narrates just how Janeene looked for to have her other half and also a lessee eliminated for various inspirations. Ultimately, a covert procedure brought about her quick apprehension and also sentencing. So, if you’re interested to understand even more concerning Janeene and also where she may be today, we’ve obtained you covered.

Who is Janeene Jones?

Janeene Lea Monsell was birthed in Michigan and also matured in an armed forces household. Over time, she wed and also separated two times prior to lastly conference Max Jones in North Port,Florida At the moment, she was a solitary mom. The 2 satisfied in 1991 and also wed in October the very same year, later on having 2 youngsters of their very own. But in 2011, Max, a contractor and also an artist, fought with serious belly problems that at some point brought about his fatality in November that year.

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Janeene demanded a cremation and also swiftly offered every one of his personal belongings, consisting of the household residence. Not as well long after, she wed Matthew Smith, a guy much more youthful than her. Using the life insurance policy payment from Max’s fatality, Janeene remodelled several homes throughoutNorth Port She after that generated income by leasing them out. However, Janeene and also Matthew really did not really possess any one of those homes. All they did was remove the locks and also forged quit-claim acts for your houses.

The pair had actually worked with a plumbing professional, John Chamberlain, to service these homes. He was under the perception that they were lawfully obtained, however at some point, he was not comfy piercing locks off your houses due to the fact that he felt it was unlawful. At the moment, John leased a home from Janeene, that sent out an expulsion discover his means. Eventually, John mosted likely to the authorities with his uncertainties. At the moment, the authorities wished to look right into whether Janeene eliminated Max however could not confirm it without a body.

During the examination, a source came near the authorities to claim that Janeene was seeking to employ a gunman to have John eliminated. This brought about a sting procedure where the source put on a cable to videotape a discussion with Janeene requesting for a gunman. Janeene intended to have John eliminated prior to the expulsion hearing in a civil court. Upon discovering this, a covert police officer impersonated a gunman and also consulted with Janeene.

Janeene after that informed the gunman that she desired John dead and also accepted pay $4,000 for it, with a deposit of $1,000. She also stated that John had an 11-year-old child and also included, “If she gets in the way, kill her too.” But Janeene’s computing really did not finish there. She asked the covert police officer if he might murder Matthew, her other half, for one more $4,000. The authorities thought that she wished to profit the life insurance policy plan in Matthew’s name.

Where is Janeene Jones Now?

Janeene, after that 49 years of ages, was jailed in February 2013, right after she consulted with the “hitman.” In August, both she and also Matthew were charged with 33 matters that consisted of break-in, criminal use recognition, and also operating as an unlicensed realty representative. Janeene and also Matthew separated in October the very same year, and also the last pled guilty to computing to rip off. He additionally accepted indicate versus his ex-wife. In May 2014, Janeene begged no competition to 2 matters of solicitation to devote murder. She was punished to life behind bars without the opportunity of parole. Janeene continues to be jailed at the Florida Women’s Reception Center in Ocala, Marion County.

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