Where is John Reinke Now?


Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ gave the audiences a never ever prior to seen trip right into the globe of unique pet zoos, with Joe Exotic, the flamboyant proprietor of the GW Zoo, at its center. Now, a five-part follow up to the very first period has actually started streaming, as well as several fan-favorites have actually recovered in the collection. One of them is John Reinke, that was Joe’s reliable zookeeper, dealing with him for greater than a years. So, if you’re questioning where John may be today, we’ve obtained you covered.

John Reinke’s Tiger King Journey

About a years after finishing senior high school, John had a terrible crash that brought about both of his legs being truncated. At the moment, he was functioning as a bungee jumper as well as assisting a good friend’s firm examination out zip lines. John said, “We were getting it ready and testing it out, and the pulley failed, and I fell 50 feet. I broke my back, my hip, shattered my feet. I was paralyzed for a couple of years.” Not wishing to remain in a mobility device, John attempted strolling, which at some point finished with a bone infection creating the amputation.

John after that discovered Joe’s zoo, at first coming on board as a volunteer as well as constructing a water storage tank for a bear. That established him on a 14-year trip with Joe, functioning as the zookeeper. He said, “It was a lot of work. That zoo required 14 to 16 hour days out of me. A minimum of 14 to 16 hours a day, seven days a week. It was pretty rough. I lived at the zoo most of the time. I would go home every now and then on the weekend or for a day, and then I went back.”

At completion of the docuseries, Joe was sentenced for a murder-for-hire story versusCarole Baskin John claimed that he had actually not spoken with Joe given that his apprehension however thought his previous manager would certainly leave jail quickly. John included, “I don’t know that he knows how to be a human, though, because he can’t own animals anymore because that’s in the court ruling. So when he gets out, he’s just going to have to start a life somewhere.”

Where is John Reinke Now?

The authorities additionally questioned John in regard to Joe’s situation, however he appeared of it unharmed. These days, John functions several work: trimming backyards, as a grease monkey, as well as part-time at zoos. He, together with a few other included on the program, took place to begin a roadshow labelled ‘Uncaged: The Untold Stories from the cast of ‘Tiger King.” As part of a question and answer session with fans in different cities, they hoped to share other stories from working at the GW Zoo.

John added that while he didn’ t make any type of cash from ‘Tiger King,’ he did appreciate the interest he obtained as an outcome. He was being identified on the roads as well as was requested for autographs as well as selfies. John appears to reside in Burkburnett, Texas, with his companion,Brandi He takes pleasure in going to as well as joining automobile races as well as wants to launch a publication regarding his experiences from his time at the zoo.

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