Where is Katie Call Now?


Katie Call’s life modified endlessly when she met Michael Todd Ray at a bar in early 2003. Over the next few months, his relentless stalking made Katie’s life a residing nightmare that resulted in a shootout at her residence. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Obsession: Dark Desires: Texts, Lies, and Videotape’ choices Katie sharing her ordeal and what went by way of her ideas as her ex-boyfriend’s stalking and obsession escalated. So, let’s uncover out what occurred then, lets?

Who is Katie Call?

In 2003, Katie was a single mother of two residing in Powder Springs, Georgia. She shared custody of her two sons with their father and labored in insurance coverage protection sooner than starting a magnificence retailer in her basement. Sometime in 2003, Katie met Michael at a bar whereas out with friends. The two began hanging out usually sooner than the friendship turned romantic. But inside months, Katie felt that Michael had started to fluctuate. On the current, she talked about that he grew to change into withdrawn and didn’t seem to level out curiosity in her or her children.

Furthermore, Katie acknowledged that Michael would typically sustain consuming and taking part in, one factor she wasn’t okay with. She broke up with him by means of the summer season of 2003, nevertheless Michael couldn’t let go. He would identify her incessantly, usually switching between being good to her and insulting her. Katie modified her locks numerous events only for Michael, who was good with devices, to interrupt in and alter them.

Later, Katie talked about Michael being adept with pc techniques. According to her, he would “change the password to my computer and to my cell phone messages. I’d have to call him to get my password.” Michael had even organize recording devices and cameras to manage Katie. Her mother, Marcia Adams, tried reasoning with Michael, nevertheless that didn’t seem to fluctuate one thing.

Michael was despatched to jail as quickly as in early 2004 for stalking Katie. But he obtained out inside months no matter being sentenced to a yr. After threatening Katie by way of email correspondence on August 5, 2004, he escalated to violence two days later. Katie bought right here residence collectively together with her boyfriend on August 7. As per the current, she was there to pick out up numerous points to stick with a buddy briefly. She found Michael inside the basement with a .45-caliber firearm. He shot Katie after which went after the boyfriend, who escaped by leaping by way of a window.

Where is Katie Call Now?

The bullet went by way of Katie, collapsing her lung. Fortunately, she was able to get away and was lastly rushed to a hospital. However, Michael holed up in Katie’s residence and shot himself 14 hours later. He was sentenced to a chronic jail time interval after restoration. Katie, who had consider to get a defending order in the direction of Michael, put it off as quickly as he was despatched to jail sooner than the assault.

While Michael had a historic previous of stalking and was on probation for ten years, Katie said he was certainly not violent, together with, “I honestly thought he’d quit. I didn’t want him to go to jail for eight years [to serve the balance of his probation].” But she pushed for one after the taking photos. Since then, Katie seems to have moved on collectively together with her life and raised her children, who had been about 11 and 7 years outdated when she first met Michael. She talked about fearing for her safety and has chosen to not reveal the place she lives. For now, her closing acknowledged location is Powder Springs.


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