Where is Kelley Clayton’s Family Now?


NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The House in the Woods’ delves into the tragic case of Kelley Clayton’s murder. One night in September 2015, the 35-year-old was crushed to dying by an intruder whereas her children have been nonetheless at dwelling. Ultimately, the police uncovered a murder-for-hire plot, alongside together with her husband, Thomas Clayton, hiring a former employee to carry out the murder. But this moreover left Kelley’s family with a bit of gorgeous info to digest. Kelley’s sister, Kim Bourgeois, and her mother, Elizabeth Stage, have been ultimately relieved to see Thomas behind bars. So, when you occur to’re questioning the place they might be within the current day, proper right here’s what everyone knows.

Who is Kelley Clayton’s Family?

Kelley was the youngest of three children born to Elizabeth and the late Howard E. Stage. Howard was the Fire Chief for the West Elmira Volunteer fireplace division in New York. She grew up in Elmira and her older sister, Kim, on a regular basis wanted to keep up her protected. She added, “We are ten years apart. So she was kind of my baby. I am protective of her. [Kelley was] very brave to me, bold, sassy. … She liked to dance, she was pretty. … She could model, and I just think that’s what she wanted to do.”

According to Kim, her sister beloved life in Las Vegas, Nevada, sooner than finally shifting once more to New York and settling down with Thomas Clayton. He used to play minor league hockey. Regarding him, Kim talked about, “People were very much in awe of him because he was cute and he was an instigator, and he would start fights. People got very caught up in that.” But that marriage took a tragic flip in September 2015 when Thomas found Kelley lifeless throughout the kitchen.

Kim and her mother, Elizabeth, have been on the crime scene inside an hour of the police arriving. She remembered every of them crying. Ultimately, it was revealed that Thomas employed Michael Beard, a former employee, to kill Kelley. The authorities believed money and getting out of the marriage have been his motives. Kim talked about, “If his plan had come to fruition, he would be done with his wife and his children. He would’ve collected my sister’s million-dollar life insurance policy. Survivor benefits from the children. Homeowners insurance. He would’ve truly benefited financially from the death of all of them.”

Where is Kelley Clayton’s Family Now?

The family was joyful to see Thomas being despatched away for all instances. Elizabeth talked about after his accountable conviction, “Justice for my daughter .. it’s been.. it’s just been a long haul.” In an interview with ABC News, Elizabeth moreover talked about how she obtained a tattoo in Kelley’s remembrance and the best way that was comforting to her. She in the meanwhile lives in Elmira and has been spending her time touring and visiting her grandchildren.

While Kim was crestfallen with Kelley’s murder, there was nonetheless hope when she talked about, “You (Thomas) took her life, not her light, and her light will shine forever, through [her children], through me, through my brother, through my mother, forever, and we’ll be OK.” It seems that Kim lives alongside together with her family in Horseheads, New York. Furthermore, she took in Kelley’s youthful daughter and son after the murder and has been elevating them. Kim further talked about that the youngsters have been the reason she wanted to keep up going.


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