Where is Mark Eskridge Now?


A ferocious strike at a home in Laurel, Delaware, drank the neighborhood area to its really core. In 1995, Kaye Robinson was a solitary mommy living with her boy in a mobile residence. But on one fateful evening that year, she was struck by a trespasser that left her for dead. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Your Worst Nightmare: Play Dead’ narrates just how Kaye and also the private investigators needed to wait a years prior to the perpetrator, Mark Eskridge, was captured. So, allow’s learn what took place and also where he is today, shall we?

Who is Mark Eskridge?

During the very early hrs of September 19, 1995, 30-year-old Kaye Robinson was asleep with her boy, Nick, in their mobile residence. At around 1 AM, Kaye listened to a knock on the door. Upon monitoring, she saw an unusual guy outside the door that declared his vehicle had actually damaged down and also required to make a telephone call. Kaye used to phone for him yet really did not allow him in. Eventually, she asked him to leave. But concerning a hr and also a fifty percent later on, Kaye heard her door bang.

When Kaye headed out of the room to inspect, she saw the very same guy in the kitchen area with a blade. As she attempted to escape, the burglar obtained her and also took her right into the back room of your house. For hrs, Kaye was raped and after that hurt. The burglar bound her and also stabbed her several times in her back. He likewise nearly beheaded her. To shield herself and also her boy, that was still in the various other room, she surrendered.

Fortunately, that helped Kaye, and also the burglar got away your house. Eventually, her boy obtained a next-door neighbor that called 911. Kaye was stabbed greater than 25 times in her back, and also her neck was reduced in 3 to 4 locations. Miraculously, she endured and also supplied the authorities with a summary of the opponent. The private investigators likewise had DNA proof they accumulated from the scene.

About 2 weeks after the strike, among Kaye’s next-door neighbors reported a guy acting suspiciously in the location. As per the program, his name was Doug DeSilva, that claimed he originated fromMaryland He resembled the individual in the illustration, leading the cops to take him in. Both Kaye and also Nick selected Doug out of a photo schedule as the burglar. However, the instance struck a problem when the DNA proof really did not match him, bring about his launch.

Without even more leads, the instance went chilly. Kaye needed to wait greater than a years prior to she might learn that the opponent was. In October 2005, the DNA accumulated from Kaye’s criminal activity scene matched a 43-year-old currently behind bars for one more rape inMaryland It was Mark Eskridge, and also it was mentioned on the program that he stayed in the very same community as Kaye back in 1995.

Mark remained in jail for a rape he dedicated in October 2002. The strike was noticeably comparable to Kaye’s. The lady, because instance, woke up with Mark standing over her with a blade. He linked her up and also later on endangered to injure her boy if she really did not adhere to his needs. Mark after that sexually attacked her prior to running away the scene.

Where is Mark Eskridge Now?

In February 2005, Mark was founded guilty of rape and also several various other costs in relationship to the Maryland instance and also was punished to life behind bars. According to the program, in January 2006, Mark begged guilty to Kaye’s rape and also tried murder. He was bied far a life sentence and also an added twenty years. As per jail documents, he stays put behind bars at North Branch Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Maryland.

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