Where is Mike Knabel Now?


The abrupt loss of young mom Andrea Knabel left the neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky, looking for ideas. Her daddy, Mike Knabel, was ravaged by the advancement as well as has actually been proactively trying to find Andrea since. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Finding Andrea’ is a four-part docuseries that checks out Andrea’s strange disappearing as well as just how the family members has actually taken care of the case. Mike, included on the program, chatted in detail regarding the situation. So, allow’s learn even more regarding him after that, shall we?

Who is Mike Knabel?

Mike had 3 little girls: Andrea, Erin, as well as Sarah Knabel, with his ex-wife. Andrea, the earliest, all of a sudden disappeared throughout the very early hrs of August 13, 2019. When the family members really did not learn through her the complying with day, they started getting in touch with good friends as well as enjoyed ones. But when Andrea really did not appear also after a couple of days, Erin reported her absent. Phone as well as place information revealed that she went to her mom’s residence till around 3:53 AM on August 13, prior to she disappeared.

There were several concerns concerning Andrea’s loss as well as the factor behind it, with Mike saying, “I’m ready to do anything if we need to do more. My daughter might have just walked away on purpose. We don’t know. … We’ve had so many false leads.” In November 2019, Mike went to Erin’s house when he observed an auto driving with the road a number of times.

Mike observed 2 individuals that appeared to be in the cars and truck, repeling when he attempted to technique. He can obtain the permit plate number as well as record it to the authorities, as well as they verified it was a stolen lorry. Mike additionally discussed just how Andrea remained in a tight spot leading up to her loss. He stated, “She was in a situation where we as parents understood she was struggling. There were offers for help; she was a very proud person. She was very bright, and she thought she could do it by herself, but she got to a point where I think she wasn’t able to do it by herself.”

Apart from Andrea shedding her task as well as being down on her good luck, Mike stated that there was a possibility of her abusing prescription drug. Despite the absence of leads, Mike had actually constantly invested a great deal of time trying to find Andrea, complying with up every suggestion he encountered. Early on throughout the examination, Mike stated, “I go out at night still or even at lunch during work. I think it’s also important for us, the family, to keep calling (police) so they don’t file the case away.”

Where is Mike Knabel Now?

Mike as well as his child Erin have actually remained to increase recognition concerning the situation as well as have actually not quit looking forAndrea Mike has actually made it clear that several wanted to talk with the authorities, yet the authorities have actually not examined them. He said, “These are long shots, and we fully understand that, but with any investigation, you can’t neglect something like that; you have to take your long shots, too.” Mike additionally expected far better interaction from the authorities. Mike appears to still stay in Kentucky, as well as after managing COVID-19, he has actually been back to trying to find Andrea.

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