Where is Paul Christos Now?


One day in March 2003, what Paul Christos thought was a harmless recreation rapidly became a fight for his life. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Betrayed: Keep Your Friends Close’ delves into the gorgeous case of his former partner, Sheila Davalloo. Just a number of years into their marriage, she tried to murder Paul, finally going to jail for that together with one different murder. So, do you have to’re curious to hunt out out what occurred, we’ve purchased you coated.

Who is Paul Christos?

Paul Christos met Sheila Davalloo at New York Medical College, the place they’ve been every faculty college students. The two finally began seeing each other, nonetheless on the time, Sheila was married. When her husband lastly came across about it, a divorce adopted, with Paul and Sheila marrying in 2000. The couple then moved to Pleasantville, New York, and settled into seemingly frequently life. Sheila labored at a pharmaceutical agency in Connecticut, whereas Paul labored at Cornell University’s New York City, New York, campus.

But points modified by the summer season season of 2001 when Sheila met coworker Nelson Sessler at an after-work get-together. The two rapidly began an affair, with Nelson believing that she was divorced. Around the an identical time, he moreover began seeing Anna Lisa Raymundo, one different employee on the an identical agency. Sheila and Nelson would normally meet at her home in Pleasantville, and he or she would deceive her husband to get him out of the house.

Sheila would inform Paul that her brother, acknowledged with schizophrenia, was visiting. But she couldn’t inform him about their marriage because of he would get mad. So, Paul would normally hold collectively together with his dad and mother or at a resort. He later added, “When her brother was coming, Sheila would move my stuff in the bathroom, and as gullible as I was at the time, I sometimes would move my own stuff before I left for the night.”

This continued for a while until Nelson broke it off with Sheila and finally moved in with Anna. Then, in 2002, Sheila began talking to Paul a few love triangle from her workplace that involved Melissa, Jack, and Anna Lisa. But if truth be told, the story was about Sheila, Nelson, and Anna, respectively. She launched it up with Paul frequently. He later talked about, “During a certain time period, she (Davalloo) would talk about this love triangle every day. She would constantly ask me why Jack would do this, what he was thinking and what ‘Melissa’ should do.”

At one stage, Paul even gave Sheila night imaginative and prescient binoculars. He remembered her searching for a lock selecting set because of Melissa wanted to interrupt into Anna’s condominium to hunt out out further regarding the relationship with Jack. On the day the true Anna Lisa was murdered in November 2002, Paul mentioned that Sheila received right here home with a cut back on her thumb that she talked about occurred whereas opening a can of pet meals.

Then, one afternoon in March 2003, Sheila wanted to play a guessing recreation with Paul. While thought of one among them was blindfolded and handcuffed, the other would press an object up in opposition to the pores and pores and skin for them to guess. So, after Sheila was carried out guessing, Paul was blindfolded. He guessed a few devices sooner than Sheila left. Paul talked about, “I heard her go down to the kitchen, and when she came up she said, ‘there is one last item, one last thing to guess.’ I felt her sit on me, then I felt a thrust like a heavy weight was on my chest, and then another thrust.”

Sheila stabbed Paul twice and mentioned that it was by chance. Then, she pretended to call 911 nonetheless known as Nelson in its place, asking him to return over for dinner. By then, Anna had already been murdered, and Sheila rekindled her relationship with him. She drove Paul to the hospital nonetheless stabbed him one different time inside the parking zone sooner than he purchased away. Sheila was arrested and finally despatched to jail for Anna’s murder and Paul’s tried murder.

Where is Paul Christos Now?

Paul underwent an open-heart surgical process nonetheless survived the assault, later testifying at Sheila’s trial. He mentioned that the game they carried out wasn’t sexual, together with, “At that point in our marriage, we were more like roommates. We were no longer romantic.” Paul divorced Sheila in September 2004. Today, he nonetheless works at Cornell in New York; he has achieved his Ph.D. and is involved in instructing and evaluation together with working as a biostatistician before now. Paul seems to have moved on collectively together with his life since then and lives in Queens in New York City.


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