Where Is the Gold at the End of Money Heist Season 5 Part 2?


The global megahit heist criminal offense thriller collection ‘Money Heist’ returns for the last round as well as has equally of activity, enigma, melodrama, love, wit, as well as misfortune that the target market has actually involved like the reveal for. After Tokyo (Úrsula Corber ó) as well as Rio’s (Miguel Herr án) Caribbean heaven is attacked by the authorities, as well as the last is nabbed, the Professor (Álvaro Morte) brings the gang back with each other for another heist. This time, their target is the Bank of Spain as well as the gold get kept there. As the strategy is propounded impact, arranged mayhem occurs, adjustments to the initial strategy are made, interests flare, as well as individuals pass away, consisting of Nairobi (Alba Flores) as well as Tokyo.

In ‘Money Heist’ season 5 part 2, the amazing legend of the contemporary jolly band of burglars pertains to a legendary verdict. Since season 3, the gold from the Bank of Spain has actually acted as the key story tool. If you are questioning what occurs to it, where it is, or that has it, this is what you require to understand. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happens to the Gold from the Bank of Spain?

Originally, the Bank of Spain heist was Berlin (Pedro Alonso) as well as Palermo’s (Rodrigo de la Serna) concept. It was later on gone down, as well as the Professor determined to concentrate on the Royal Mint rather. However, after Rio was taken, the Professor required a huge sufficient phase to compel the authorities to not just launch him however likewise allowed him (the Professor) as well as the others go. While innovative, Berlin as well as Palermo’s strategy had plenty of creases, as well as the Professor worked with them as well as ironed them out up until the strategy was fit to be performed.

The team inside the financial institution initially thaws the 90 loads of ingots as well as turns the gold right into small gravel-size items. They usage the 120,000 litres of water currently within the safe as the driving pressure to move the gold to a stormwater storage tank, where Benjamin as well as his group, together with the Professor as well as Marseille (Luka Pero š), are awaiting it. They thaw the gold one more time as well as transform it back right into ingots.

Right when all the gold has actually been changed back right into ingots, the authorities relatively get here. Seeing that there are just 4 cars and trucks, Marseille as well as Benjamin’s team use up weapons, however the Professor discourages them, not desiring any person else to pass away since of him. They are evidently jailed as well as positioned behind a paddy wagon, however around 20 mins pass without anything else occurring. The Professor understands that something is seriously incorrect as well as bursts out of the van, just to uncover that all the gold is gone.

It is exposed that Berlin’s kid, Raphael (Patrick Criado), as well as Berlin’s previous other half, Tatiana (Diana Gómez), have actually swiped the gold. Like the Professor, his bro often tended to chat in the bed, as well as he mentioned the intends to his then-wife. Tatiana ultimately left Berlin for Raphael, as well as they were waiting with each other to establish their very own strategy all this while. When the Professor started the Bank of Spain heist, Raphael as well as Tatiana came to be energetic. They obtain a huge team as well as a story of land. After creeping the gold out of right under the Professor’s nose, they hid it in the story as well as established a movable home on the top of it, total with tipping rocks, fabricated lawn, as well as potted plants.

The Professor informed mostly all participants of the team, consisting of Lisbon, that the gold was intended to function as the negotiating chip to obtain the financial institution team out of the clutches of the authorities. With it gone, the scenario currently looks stark. It ends up being also worse when a participant of Sagasta’s system shuts down the dynamites at all 3 access factors as well as allows the authorities as well as the armed forces in.

The financial institution team is ultimately jailed. The Professor, that does not have his intended negotiating chip, informs Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri), currently a full-fledged participant of the team, to discover the gold with Benjamin’s team. He after that sends out Marseille to lead the authorities on a fruitless while he transforms himself in. When he ultimately encounters Tamayo (Fernando Cayo), the Professor appears to have another hand to play. He informs Tamayo that the scenario can just end in 2 circumstances– either they can both win, or they can both shed.

Who Has the Gold at the End of Money Heist?

As the information of the heist ends up being public, Spain alarmingly holds on the brink of a monetary collapse. The Professor utilizes this as take advantage of to compel an incredibly hesitant Tamayo to consent to his terms. The last has nothing else option as the look for gold has actually been useless. And the authorities have actually attempted whatever– scare tactics to abuse to financially rewarding deals– to compel the Money Heist team to reveal any type of details concerning the gold. Nothing functions since not also one participant of the team inside the financial institution at that factor, consisting of the Professor, has any type of concept where the gold is. It appears that Raphael as well as Tatiana stealing the gold has actually become a true blessing in camouflage.

Tamayo consents to launch the team for the gold. But when the ingots get here, they are exposed to be made of brass, with gold plating as well as the team’s trademark Dali mask marked on them. This is the Professor’s magnum piece of impressions. As the globe sees the gold being gone back to the Bank of Spain, the monetary situation is prevented. Spain does not make use of the gold get, so no matter whether the ingots kept there are made of gold or brass.

Tamayo is compelled to ingest the bitter tablet as well as approve his loss. The Professor is inevitably as well as quintessentially a burglar. He never ever intended to offer the gold back to the authorities. Palermo acknowledged this as well as was the just individual in the team that found out about it.

Meanwhile, Alicia locates the story where Raphael as well as Tatiana concealed the gold. But she causes the sensing units they positioned on the residential property. There is a fight in between the 2 teams. Alicia deescalates the scenario by providing Raphael a note from his uncle, in which the Professor probably advises his nephew that they are household. Raphael consents to offer the gold back, recognizing that he, Tatiana, as well as their team will certainly obtain their share.

Tamayo informs the media that the Professor as well as every participant of his team, other than Denver (that remains in the authorities protection), are dead. In truth, they are offered various keys as well as accompanied out of the nation. The Professor makes use of the gold as take advantage of, compeling the authorities to consent to never ever follow him as well as his team. If they do, the reality concerning the brass ingots will certainly appear, as well as Spain will certainly experience an additional monetary situation.

The last time we see the gold in Money Heist, Benjamin crosses the boundary with it inside the movable home from earlier. We can think that the 90 loads of gold will certainly be separated amongst the continuing to be participants of the 2 teams, as well as none of them will certainly need to function ever before once more.

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