Where is We Own This City’s Keith Gladstone Now?


‘We Own This City‘ is a riveting true story based on journalist Justin Fenton’s 2021 nonfiction e guide of the similar title. The assortment revolves throughout the federal investigation of the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force, a plainclothes unit tasked with suppressing crime in Baltimore. However, the GTTF cops get pleasure from corrupt and authorized actions leading to quite a few high-profile arrests by the FBI.

In the current’s sixth episode, the FBI questions former BPD officer Keith Gladstone about his involvement inside the Demetric Simon case. As Gladstone’s revelations present important in Wayne Jenkins’ sentencing, viewers must be looking for particulars in regards to the earlier cop. If you wish to uncover out about Keith Gladstone and his current whereabouts, proper right here is the whole thing everyone knows!

Who Is Keith Gladstone?

Keith Gladstone is a former Baltimore Police Department (BPD) officer acknowledged for his affiliation with Wayne Jenkins, the earlier Sergeant of the Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF). Gladstone joined the BPD as an officer on November 20, 1992. He labored inside the BPD for quite a few years and obtained right here in contact with Wayne Jenkins. Gladstone was promoted to Sergeant on December 16, 2011. Gladstone had briefly retired from the BPD on December 25, 2012. However, he made a quick return to the publish of Sergeant roughly a yr later, on December 9, 2013. In March 2014, Gladstone served as a result of the officer-in-charge of a Special Enforcement Section (SES) unit working inside the Western District.

Gladstone formally retired from the BPD on May 1, 2017, bringing an virtually 25-year-long occupation as a cop to closure. In 2014, Gladstone was involved inside the arrest of Demetric Simon, who Jenkins ran over all through his arrest. In 2019, Gladstone confessed to having procured and planted a BB gun on Simon. Gladstone’s actions led to 1 rely of conspiracy to deprive civil rights in opposition to him. He pleaded accountable in court docket docket, nonetheless sentencing for the case wasn’t launched on the time.

Where Is Keith Gladstone Now?

Keith Gladstone was convicted for his place inside the arrest of Demetric Simon in 2019. However, a subsequent investigation led to the arrest of former police Detective Robert Hankard with whom Gladstone had labored all through his time inside the BPD as the highest of the Cease Fire Squad. In April 2022, Gladstone was generally known as in entrance of the jury to testify in opposition to Hankard, who was accused of depriving people of their civil rights, serving to to plant proof, and lying to a grand jury. Gladstone was granted immunity and confessed to quite a few crimes all through his occupation as a cop.

Gladstone admitted to having started stealing money from drug sellers mid-Nineties to pay confidential informants. However, Gladstone rapidly started stealing for himself and was involved in quite a few robberies with Wayne Jenkins. He moreover confessed to selling treatment seized whereas on duty. During the trial, Gladstone admitted that the BB gun he planted on Demetric Simon was given to him by BPD Detective Carmine Vignola, who testified that he obtained the gun from Hankard.

Gladstone moreover expressed remorse for his actions all through his roughly seven-hour-long testimony. “I’m so ashamed I did that, but those choices were my choices. We would become what we were fighting,” he talked about on the stand. Given that Gladstone has been granted immunity as a part of his plea settlement with the prosecutors, he is not going to be convicted for his crimes. Gladstone was residing in New Park, Pennsylvania, after his retirement and sure continues to reside inside the metropolis till the present.


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