Where is Wolfgang Sielaff Now?


Netflix’s ‘Dig Deeper: The Disappearance of Birgit Meier’ is a docudrama collection that meets its title by checking out every element of the 41-year-old mommy’s strange disappearing from her residence near Lüneburg,Germany Unlike any kind of various other instance, however, this is a little bit various considering that Birgit’s liked ones go to the front and also facility of one of the most essential examinations, however not constantly as suspects. After all, her sibling Wolfgang Sielaff, a previous law enforcement agent himself, at some point led a group of various other experts to discover what truly took place to her in the summer season of 1989.

Who is Wolfgang Sielaff?

Wolfgang Sielaff is not just Brigit Meier’s sibling however additionally the private referred to as Don within the German police market as a result of his success in the occupation. Having been influenced by a regional tv program referred to as ‘Stahlnetz,’ which dramatized criminal instances, and also Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘Sherlock Holmes’ publication collection, he understood that he intended to be an investigative from a very early age. An area that would certainly permit him to conceptualize with similar individuals and also capture outrageous bad guys was his desire, and also after a great deal of regular effort, he completed it.

From operating in the Narcotics Division at the District Attorney’s Office to leading the Organized Crime Unit and also from being the head of Hamburg’s State Criminal Police to the Vice President of the Department, he held every setting prior to retiring at the age of 60. By that factor, Don had actually taken apart mafia teams and also managed every type of offender, yet his sibling’s loss was still unresolved. Even though it had actually taken place when he was the head of Hamburg Police, he really did not have any kind of say in the procedures due to the fact that it ran out his territory. Thus, he might just await solutions and also wish that the Lüneburg Department was attempting its ideal.

Apart from asking for Lüneburg authorities to upgrade him with any kind of progression, Wolfgang had actually requested Brigit’s residence to be dealt with like a criminal offense scene, however it still really did not exercise in his support. In reality, in the 13 years from her disappearing to his retired life, absolutely nothing considerable concerning her location ever before emerged. That was particularly due to the fact that among the prime suspects, Kurt-Werner Wichmann, had actually eliminated himself plain days after being collared in 1993. Hence, as soon as Wolfgang understood with assurance that he had the moment and also the links, he devoted himself to his sibling’s instance while additionally attempting his ideal not to be prejudiced.

Where is Wolfgang Sielaff Now?

Wolfgang Sielaff’s perseverance and also determination to adhere to the proof, together with a number of individuals’s participation, eventually led his group to establish that the likelihood of Kurt-Werner Wichmann being Brigit Meier’s wrongdoer surpassed all others. They called the Lüneburg Police and also the DA’s workplace with the evidence they had actually discovered, bring about her issue being formally resumed. And after that, in September 2017, he and also his group were additionally the ones that recuperated Brigit’s continues to be from below the concrete flooring of the garage of Kurt’s then-home. It was heartbreaking, however after 28 years, it was closure.

Today, from what we can inform, Wolfgang chooses to lead his life faraway from the limelight, which is completely reasonable considering his previous occupation and also experiences. The loss of his sibling, integrated with the among his moms and dads, is not something he can ever before absolutely overcome, yet it feels like he still attempts to remain active. Not just did he function as the Chairman of the Hamburg Regional Association for a years following his retired life, however he is additionally still entailed with The Wei ßer Ring Foundation, which gives help to sufferers and also their family members. In his late 70s, it feels like Wolfgang is also a criminalist professional nowadays.

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