Who Controls the Sinaloa and Tijuana Cartels at the End of Narcos: Mexico Season 3?


When the 2nd season of ‘Narcos: Mexico’ finishes, Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo (Diego Luna) remains in prison and his Guadalajara Cartel has splintered right into 3 independent cartels: the Tijuana Cartel under the management of the Arellano household; the Sinaloa Cartel managed by Chapo (Alejandro Edda), Palma (Gorka Lasaosa), and Azul (Ferm ín Mart ínez); and the Ju árez Cartel with Amado Carrillo Fuentes (Jos é Mar ía Yazpik) and Rafael Aguilar Guajardo (No é Hern ández) as leaders. There is additionally the Gulf Cartel headed by Juan Nepomuceno Guerra (Jesus Ochoa) and Juan Garc ía Abrego (Flavio Medina).

Initially, they appear to be teaming up. But as Félix forecasts, connections in between the cartels rapidly degenerate right into a full-scale battle in season 3, with each team trying even more power and impact. If you are questioning who controls the Sinaloa and Tijuana Cartels at the end of ‘Narcos: Mexico’ season 3, we obtained you covered.

Who Controls the Sinaloa Cartel at the End of Narcos: Mexico Season 3?

At the start of season 3, Sinaloa is inarguably the worst-performing company amongst all 4 significant cartels energetic inMexico They have a great deal of soldiers who are savage, devoted, and efficient. But they do not have straight accessibility to the United States boundary and are required to pay large tax obligations to the Arellano household to relocate their freight withTijuana The displeasure in between the 2 teams has actually been overflowing given that the last season. And in season 3, it ultimately overflows.

After Ram ón Arellano Félix (Manuel Masalva) and his pals eliminate Sinaloa- associate El Rayo, the stress and physical violence swiftly intensify. Chapo assaults Benjam ín Arellano Félix’s (Alfonso Dosal) 40 th birthday celebration event and eliminates Enedina Arellano Félix’s (Mayra Hermosillo) brand-new partner, Claudio Vazquez.

Sinaloa sheds El Azul when Enedina chooses to strike out versus all their opponents. Azul is assassinated in the roads by 2 guys on a bike. Chapo is later jailed and offered the exact same jail where Neto is. Chapo has actually constantly been wise and ingenious. With Neto’s assistance, he discovers just how to utilize his integral abilities much better.

Ismael Zambada Garc ía or El Mayo (Alberto Guerra), a formerly independent however reputable trafficker, sign up with pressures with Chapo after Tijuana burns his watercraft. Following Neto’s recommendations, Chapo gets rid of Palma to a various jail, successfully insisting control over the jail and a resurgentSinaloa He after that sends out Neto to the exact same jail as Palma to reveal the prisoners who is absolutely accountable. At the end of season 3, Chapo and Mayo control Sinaloa with each other.

Who Controls the Tijuana Cartel at the End of Narcos: Mexico Season 3?

Unlike Sinaloa, Tijuana is revealed to be flourishing at the begin of season 3. Benjam ín has actually meticulously developed connections with the elites of Tijuana, wishing that they will certainly concern his household’s help if and when they require it. When the battle starts, it naturally influences both sides. After Archbishop Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampo is eliminated in a shootout in between the 2 cartels, the Mexican and United States federal governments develop a joint job pressure to combat the cartels. They established their command facility exterior Tijuana.

After Benjam ín hardly runs away from being caught by the soldiers, he enters into concealing, leaving Enedina accountable of everyday procedures. Their sibling, Francisco, is jailed by Walt Breslin, which, incorporated with various other occasions, motivates Enedina to introduce assaults versus all their opponents. At the end of season 3, the soldiers leave, and Benjamin returns. When the Arellanos begin to believe whatever will certainly return to typical once again, Ram ón is eliminated by Sinaloa soldiers.

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