Who Has The Diary In Outer Banks? Is It Kiara or The Pogues?

John B and his dad Big John have the journal in External Banks season 3. The Pogues get the journal from the sellers.

External Banks is a cherished train experience secret teen current made by Jonas Pate, Josh Pater, and Shannon Burke.


The main season arrived on Netflix on April 15, 2020.

Following its prominence, the group reestablished it for two extra sequence. With the great Season 2 finale broadcasted on July 30, 2021, the sequence returned for its third season on February 23, 2023.

Set domestically throughout the External Banks of North Caroline, the current profiles the competitors between two adolescent gatherings.

It grandstands an unmistakable social reduce up between successfully off occupants (known as Screwballs) and customary native people (Pogues).

John B and his dad Big John have the journal in Episode 4 of External Banks Season 3. The dad and child crew chase after the first duplicate of the journal.

As Mr. Sunn was not residence, the crew broke in and began sniffing spherical. Unexpectedly, a few sellers assault them and take the first duplicate of Denmark Tanny’s journal for themselves.

John and his dad pursue them on dry land. Before prolonged they commandeer a fly ski and observe the hooligans, arriving at a stalemate on the water. The sellers had been chipping away at sake of Mr. Singh.

As they get away from on their boat, Big John makes an try and haggle with them expressing that the journal is useful, nonetheless they may herald further money as quickly as they monitor down the actual fortune.

Sadly, the thugs had completely totally different concepts and plan to kill John and take his dad to Singh. Big John quickly varieties out their aim and shoots every the runners.

John utterly searches in shock as his dad throws the departed our our bodies into the water and covers his tracks. He then will get the mandatory journal and brings as a lot as his child that he had no totally different selection except for to try this.

Whenever watchers first see or catch wind of the Denmark Tanny is by means of a earlier picture hanging in Ward Cameron’s office in Tannyhill Estate.

Denmark was the organizer behind Tannyhill. As the plot loosens up, we uncover that he’s considerably better than merely a picture.

External Banks is about secret fortunes and the center of the sequence rotates spherical this character’s inheritance.

Born in 1806, Tanny was an oppressed man who stuffed in as a prepare dinner dinner on the Illustrious Dealer transport. Unfortunately, the boat sank, and being the precept overcomer of the boat, he gathered the entire fortune – however didn’t save all of the issues for himself.

He utilized the fortune to be free and bought what could later flip into the Tannyhill Ranch. He likewise utilized the fortune to free the entire Kildare Island’s oppressed folks, collectively along with his three children.

As the dad and child battled with the hooligans, the remainder of the group will get once more from the Caribbean. In the interim, Cleo ensures Pope all is likely to be good no matter being cautious about his folks.

Kiara will get rejoined collectively along with her successfully off wacko guardians of their residence, whereas Pope’s individuals are personal and embrace their darling child in a Pogues house of metropolis.

Kiara then, at the moment, meets with JJ, who’s infuriated by the cruel precise components of his residence. She almost kisses him on the boat and examines this flip of events. JJ accepts they is likely to be horrendous sincerely and Kiara is wealthy.
As Kie endeavors to guard herself and battle for them, JJ doesn’t tune in and drives off on his bicycle to scowl all through.

Before prolonged, she finds out about Rafe’s return from Sarah.

She refreshes JJ about Rafe’s plan to assemble the cross. Finally, JJ and Kie choose to remain outdated buddies and make a détente.

With the arrival of in all probability probably the most current time of External Banks, followers are thrilled to leap profound into the experience of the Pogues.

The principal episode seen the Pogues – John B, KK, Kie, Cleo, Pope, and Sarah-being abandoned on a distant location. A helicopter spots them and takes them to the shut by island of Barbados.
A misunderstanding with the pilot drives them to crash land into the inlet. Kiara is taken prisoner via Carlos Singh whereas others plan her departure.

In the subsequent episode, JJ makes an try and contact Sing, however this misfires, and the supervisor finds them. While he and his thugs are diverted to watch the kids, Rafe and Kie escape.

When the group is undeniably rejoined, John hears church chimes ringing someplace far off. He critiques the sounds that his dad used to call him in direction of the congregation. Before prolonged, Singh’s hooligans take footage on the boat, and the gathering is pushed out with out John.

Episode 3 seen John moving into the congregation and rejoining collectively along with his father, who he thought had died. As the plot goes on, the dad and child attempt to get effectively the journal and concurrently, Big John kills the sellers.

The dad and child head to Charleston to hint down the icon. In Episode 6, Big John has Tanny’s journal and the classic, Gnomon of Solana.

Toward the tip of the episode, Singh takes Big John whereas his child came upon the easiest way to get away.

Then, John and JJ head to Sowell’s residence trying to find indicators. They found Neville residing on a houseboat. The kingpin’s males assault him, however the crew assists him with getting away.

Neville then presents him the affiliation to watch his dad however isn’t going to realize out.

John and JJ don’t have any cash or identifications moreover not solely set in stone to go to South America to keep away from losing Big John. In the ultimate episode, John and Sarah uncover and free his father whereas on their actions.

Utilizing Denmark’s journal, Big John interprets the Gnomon. The kingpin requests the indications, however he gained’t inform prompting a shootout.

Big John is shot. Presently John and Sarah head within the course of a cavern, following the indications.

They benefit from the second sign to hunt out El Dorado by the use of a mysterious entryway. As the couple was gathering large lumps of gold, Mr. Singh intercedes.

Big John promptly tosses explosive and the cavern explodes, killing Singh.

Ward makes an try and take the gold from Sarah, however she rejects. Ward forfeits his life to safeguard his girl and kills Ryan. John’s father drains out. Big John and Ward are lined throughout the wilderness.


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