Who is Corey Harrison? Pawn Stars solid member is about to return for a brand new season

Pawn Stars is likely to be returning for a further season this week. It will highlight additional collectibles and antiquities as a result of the Harrison family trades them of their family-claimed pawn retailer.

One of the relations set to level out up throughout the impending season is 39-year-old Corey Harrison, who’s in another case referred to as Big Hoss, on the Set of experiences Channel current.


“Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison started engaged on the pawn retailer at 9 years outdated. Masterfully prepared throughout the specialty of research, Corey possesses the brainpower to detect a cheat, and handles all of the issues as regards to recruiting and terminating representatives and overseeing eBay purchasers.”

Richard Corey Harrison

April 27, 1983 (age 39)

Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
Occupation(s) Businessman, actuality television persona
Years energetic 1999–present
Korina “Kiki” Harrison
Children 1
  • Richard Benjamin Harrison (grandfather)
  • Rick Harrison (father)
  • Kim Harrison (mother)

Pawn Stars solid half Corey Harrison is a actuality star and finance supervisor who has been a chunk of the current for a substantial measurement of time. The solid half’s distinctive title is Richard Corey Harrison and he was born in Las Vegas in 1983. He initially started engaged on the family-claimed enterprise at 9 years outdated and in the long run was the co-proprietor of the current.

At first, Corey was a director on the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop and oversaw 30 workers and made an excellent larger number of presents than any of the alternative Pawn Stars solid individuals. In season seven, he took steps to go away the enterprise moreover if he was given a ten% group. Nonetheless, he chosen to keep on when he was given merely 5%.

In 2014, the fact star confirmed up on Great morning America the place he centered on his weight low cost enterprise.

During his look, he acknowledged that he was pre-diabetic and had chosen to get weight low cost medical course of in 2011. He added that he was driving home from the specialist’s office and was gone ballistic about it. So when he seen a spot that lapped band medical procedures, he went in and requested them what it took to have the medical course of.

He added that he had comparatively little cash at the moment, so he charged the medical course of on 4 fully totally different Visas and chosen to go along with it. Afterward, the Pawn Stars solid half shed almost 200 kilos.

Corey expressed that he didn’t understand how horrible he felt at “his bigger size” until after he misplaced the load. He added that it was uncommon to actually really feel improved at 31 years outdated than he did at 25. As a a part of his tour, he modified his weight-reduction plan and practice routine and expressed that he can have 4 to 5 ounces of meals in his stomach.

The time of his medical course of, the star didn’t merely get into a motorcycle mishap that harmed his foot, once more, and arm, he likewise obtained proper into a battle with a bar supporter. At the aim when the police interceded, Corey pushed a delegate and a safety officer on the bar and was captured however delivered the subsequent day.

San Bernardino District sheriff’s advisor Arden Wiltshire acknowledged that they held him for 2 or three hours to current him a risk to get once more on observe. They then delivered him since that’s the same old approach.

Pawn Stars season 22, which may highlight Corey, is about to debut on Walk 15, at 9 pm ET on the Set of experiences Channel.

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