Who Is David Ayesa in For All Mankind? Why Does He Buy Polaris?


‘For All Mankind‘ season 3 sees humanity shifting its consider landing on Mars. At NASA, Margo and Molly buttheads over the selection of the Mission Commander whereas the USSR pulls ahead throughout the race by saying their very personal Mars mission and its commander. However, the second episode introduces viewers to the daring plans of David Ayesa, which is ready to present game-changing as a result of the season progresses. Therefore, viewers needs to be on the lookout for additional particulars about Ayesa and his goals. In that case, permit us to share each half we have now now gathered on the matter! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Is David Ayesa?

David Ayesa first appears throughout the third season premiere of ‘For All Mankind,’ titled ‘Polaris.’ He is an entrepreneur, and viewers get a major glimpse of Ayesa throughout the opening montage that bridges the final decade between the second season’s ending and third season premiere. The montage reveals that Ayesa primarily based the aerospace agency Helios. Along collectively together with his affiliate Richard Hilliard, Ayesa developed a big breakthrough in nuclear fission, thus fast-tracking humanity’s hopes of landing on Mars. In the second episode, Ayesa takes on a excellent place, and viewers discover out about his work at Helios.

In the sequence, actor Edi Gathegi essays the place of David Ayesa. Gathegi began his performing career in 2006 with a small half throughout the action-drama film ‘Crank.’ The actor is arguably biggest acknowledged for his effectivity as Matias Solomon in ‘The Blacklist.’ Some viewers can also hold in thoughts the actor as a result of the vampire Laurent from the ‘Twilight‘ film series. Ayesa’s character is a pioneer throughout the privatization of space evaluation and might remind viewers of businessman Elon Musk.

Why Does David Ayesa Buy Polaris?

In the second episode of the third season, titled ‘Game Changer,’ David Ayesa meets with Karen Baldwin and makes her an intriguing provide. Ayesa supplies to buy Polaris from Karen and quotes a generous sum for getting the world tourism agency. In the third season premiere, an accident on the Polaris orbital resort causes the dying of its founder Sam Cleveland. The incident creates an unlimited stir throughout the media, and the image of Polaris suffers. Therefore, it’s beautiful that Ayesa must amass Polaris.

However, Ayesa reveals his plan to Karen and states that he plans on launching a privately funded mission to Mars by his agency Helios. Ayesa mentions that his agency has developed methane-based engines that, when blended with Polaris’ spacecraft, would possibly help them attain Mars. Moreover, it’d help Ayesa perform Mars landing two years sooner than the USA or USSR.

Therefore, it’s evident that Polaris is crucial to Ayesa’s plans. Karen sells Polaris to Ayesa and even helps the entrepreneur secure the suppliers of Ed Baldwin as a result of the Mission Commander. In the tip, Ayesa proclaims his plans to the world and divulges his intentions to land on Mars. Ayesa shopping for Polaris fast-tracks his plans and supplies a game-changing twist to the race to land on Mars. However, whether or not or not Ayesa succeeds in his quest stays to be seen.


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