Who Is Gracie Wood? Amy Wood Daughter Gracie Wood Racist Comment Video Went Viral And Make Controversy All Over!


Who Is Gracie Wood? Amy Wood Daughter Gracie Wood Racist Comment Video Went Viral And Make Controversy All Over: Two recordings revealing the youngster of WSPA information speaker Amy Wood spouting intolerant and prejudiced words showed up Thursday on Facebook andInstagram Both photos were originally shared on Facebook by the username @saucecarolina. In an exclusive message, the account suggested that it will certainly not disclose the main writer of the movies. Gracie Wood, a 17-year-old singer-songwriter from Charleston, Florida, was photographed saying offending declarations that showed up to have actually been discreetly taped without her approval. Follow our siteTechtwiddle com for even more updates!!!

Gracie Wood Racist Video

Gracie Wood Racist Video

Actually, Hitler was a relatively good guy,” Wood stated of the killing autocrat. And he headed out on the top by killing himself. “I believe as I’d sooner commit suicide than be executed by summary execution.” Wood additionally specified that her family will certainly involve with each other once more to recognize and enhance their sights in justness and inclusivity. The really initial short article was taped on Thursday, and the following was released on Thursday night.

Who Is Gracie Wood?

Wood after that remains to describe that her favored “N-word” is “n-gger,” evoking laughs, joys, and awe from the target market. Gracie is an artist– guitar player who is widely known onInstagram Wood is a student at Oakbrook College Prep college in Greenville, where she joins the theater division and the water polo group. The movie consists of specific declarations and obscenity. “Mexican people and People From the middle east out.” “All they need to do is murder civilians,” Gracie discussed.

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On their Facebook web page, Oakbrook Preparatory provided a declaration stating. “They were genuinely horrified by this, and I could sense how sorry they really were they realized how many individuals are affected,” Wilson included. “There must be repercussions. I feel this tragedy will have a significant impact on her (Gracie) in the coming and is already having an impact on her.” “The remarks stated are not consistent with Oakbrook’s purpose and founding principles of academic achievement, integrity, compassion, innovation, and tolerance.”