Who is Hilarion Heagy? California Christian priest renounces faith to develop into Muslim

Hilarion Heagy is a earlier American Cleric and Russian Standard priest
He modified over and grow to be a Muslim in February 2023
He modified his title to Said Abdul Latif

Father Hilarion Heagy, a notable Eastern Christian minister who dwells in California, disavowed faith and later grow to be a Muslim.


Who is Hilarion Heagy? Hilarion Heagy is a earlier American Cleric and Russian Conventional priest who modified over and grow to be a Muslim in February 2023. He modified his title to Said Abdul Latif.

He joined the Antiochian Conventional Church in 2003 nonetheless left in 2007 to affix the Catholic Church of the East. He as of late declared plans to put out an Eastern Christian non secular group in California subsequent to shifting on from the Cloister of the Sacred Restoration in St Nazianz, Wisconsin.

Said Abdul Latif. reported his change to Islam in a weblog entry, portraying his various as a ‘inversion to Islam’ and saying it appeared ‘like returning home’.

“Following quite a while of feeling attracted to Islam in differing degrees, I had at last chosen to go all in. It truly wants to get back home. My first-born conviction. Since before we were even born, we adored God alone and submitted to him, as indicated by the Qur’an,” he expressed.

He acknowledged that he had been launched to Islam for a very very very long time, nonetheless professed to have actually acknowledged it at the moment.

“One basically can’t be a minister and priest openly, and a Muslim secretly,” he added.

Abdul Latif made sense of his transformation by refering to the Blessed Quran, it was a “return toward the East” and a re-visitation of his “crude personality to guarantee that it.”

“It is thus that proselytes to Islam frequently don’t talk such a great deal ‘change’ as they discuss a ‘inversion’ to Islam — our early stage confidence. A long course of Returning.”

“What’s in store is unsure for me. There are dependably fears when you take a risk. But, I feel such a harmony. A delight. A consolation. My draw towards Islam more than twenty years has at long last driven me home. Presently starts crafted by entering further into the confidence. A more profound learning. An adoration for the Deen. An adoration for the Ummah. An adoration for the Prophet ﷺ,” he accomplished up.


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