Who is Kelly Sadik? Maryland mom accused of assaulting 12-year-old in class

Kelly Sadik, 41, who entered Aberdeen Center School
Sadik left “a decent measured red mark and injury” on the youthful woman’s arm
She was captured and accused of second-degree assault and intruding

A Maryland mom supposedly attacked a 12-year-old youthful woman she blamed for harassing her little woman.


Who is Kelly Sadik? Kelly Sadik is a 41-year-old mom who entered Aberdeen Center School and contended with an understudy which transforms into an exact showdown when she snatched the youthful woman’s arm as she tried to go away.

The understudy expert minor wounds. Aberdeen Police Sgt. Jason Neidig said Sadik left “a decent measured red mark and injury” on the youthful woman’s arm.

The 41-year-old mom was captured and accused of second-degree assault and intruding.

Sadik apparently hummed into the center school at spherical 8:15 am on Tuesday by the principal office by the outside radio. She made a beeline for the look at hall versus marking in on the principal office, as school convention directs. She was joined by her little woman.

A verbal showdown raised. She at one stage put her arms on the kid, getting them with an end goal to proceed with the dialogue, the police examination closed.

An instructor when seen this shortly mediated.

The casualty’s dad expressed that he was stunned when purchased a reputation from the varsity illuminating the incidence. Her grandma, Judy Kibler addressed how Sadik purchased that far into the varsity. “She might have had a weapon. There’s nothing that she can’t have. That is the absolute most alarming part about it,” her dad said whereas addressing WBALTV.

Harford Region Government funded Schools said in an proof that they’ve wellbeing estimates prepare for firm, and the varsity workers made a switch when Sadik broke convention.

“We vet people that are coming into our schools. Convention was followed today by our staff. Tragically, we had a parent that chose to break convention. Luckily, we had staff individuals who quickly distinguished, through their carefulness, and simply knowing the structure – there was something wrong with that there and promptly stepped in to make a move,” said Donoven Streams, head of wellbeing and security at Harford Province State funded Schools.

Sadik is predicted in court docket docket in May.


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