Who is the Masked Girl in FTWD? What is the Meaning of Alicia’s Dreams?


The ninth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic assortment ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 7 depicts Alicia dealing with the perception that the ineffective Senator Vazquez can’t lead her and her group to PADRE. She needs of the senator, who nonetheless insists on guiding her to the alleged haven. After waking up, she meets Paul, who launched an unconscious Alicia to his home upon encountering her in a barn. She thinks a pair of masked lady who had attended to her when she handed out on the avenue. As she sees the lady in her dream, one should be questioning in regards to the identification of the lady and the which suggests of Alicia’s dream. Well, proper right here’s each half everyone knows! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is the Masked Girl?

The masked lady is likely Alicia’s youthful self. When Paul explains that he observed her in a close-by barn, Alicia tells him that there was a masked lady who attended to her, only for him to inform her that he didn’t see anyone else. She sees the lady as soon as extra when she is going to get handed out on her means once more to her group from Paul’s residence, only for Morgan to tell her that he didn’t see anyone else as correctly. Considering the excessive fever she has been affected by, Alicia might want to have dreamt of her private youthful self as a comfort.

Since a small lady may not have the potential to help Alicia to maneuver from one place to a special whereas the latter is unconscious, it’s unlikely that she is an precise particular person. If an precise lady happens to help Alicia, with the assist of an older particular person or people, it’s inconceivable that the similar lady encounters her as soon as extra to extend help, with out anyone noticing her. On the reverse hand, Alicia’s sickness, most likely as a result of of the zombie virus, explains how her ideas might be looking for different methods to cope with the emotional and bodily turmoil she suffers from.

Upon realizing that the ineffective Senator Vazquez can’t lead Alicia to a haven, she stoops to distress. The disappointment of not discovering PADRE, the responsibility of defending her group, and the fear of demise may need precipitated ample agony in Alicia, for her to hunt out comfort in her private youthful self’s innocence and pleasantness.

What is the Meaning of Alicia’s Dreams?

Alicia’s hope of discovering a sanctuary in PADRE ends when the ineffective Senator Vazquez joins totally different walkers, with out most important her to the alleged haven. Since then, she begins to dream in regards to the senator, who asks her to watch him to PADRE with one different specific individual’s voice. She tries her best to find out the precise provide of the voice nevertheless fails. The needs start to set off immense ache in Alicia, who has realized that she may under no circumstances make it to PADRE for her group’s safety. However, a dialog with Paul helps her understand her needs larger, significantly in a optimistic sense.

In Alicia’s needs, the ineffective Senator Vazquez has her voice and the senator is the personification of her aspiration to steer her followers to a refuge. Since her conscious ideas associates the senator with PADRE, the ineffective man personifies what Alicia longs for in her needs. Even when he turns into ineffective, Alicia’s ideas refrains from giving up her aspiration and ceaselessly requires her to behave on it by her needs. For her ideas, PADRE is higher than an exact place that exists concretely in a material world. It is any haven that will protect her and her followers. In totally different phrases, Alicia can flip anyplace proper right into a PADRE if she succeeds in providing safety and security to her fellow survivors.

Through the needs, Alicia’s unconscious is reminding her that her aspiration might be fulfilled even with out the ineffective Senator Vazquez and the PADRE he is conscious of. After realizing the true which suggests of her needs, Alicia sees herself, as an alternative of the senator, in her subsequent dream. She confronts her private need to create a haven for her and her group, which motivates her to enlarge her army to fight in opposition to Strand. She items out to the bunker to retrieve a transmitter which is able to help her recruit new survivors, who’re in search of a secure establishment, to her army.

Paul, alongside along with his information, makes Alicia understands that needs can suggest higher than what appears on the ground. When she comes all through the precise depths of her needs, she is going to get motivated ample to make Strand’s Tower her PADRE.


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