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WHO wants fully vaccinated people to wear masks to protect them from dangerous “Indian” delta variants


India’s “Delta” coronavirus mutants are ultimately classified as “concerned mutants” by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

On Tuesday, the Federal Health Organization “interested subspecies” because of the “heap of evidence” first reported by Fox News, which is more contagious than other variants, not just suspected. I am planning to upgrade from “Seeds”.

A source told the news agency that the CDC would announce that two doses of the Pfizer and Modana vaccines would provide “high protection” and that unvaccinated people would be at risk.

It comes shortly after the variant known as B.1.617. First discovered in Hawaii, health officials said Monday.

The individual, who lives on Oahu, was fully vaccinated with COVID-19 and traveled to Nevada last month.

Mutants have caused havoc in the UK, with infections skyrocketing by 50% and hospitalizations rising by 15% in a week.

A recent report from the British Public Health Service (PHE) found that more than 90% of domestic viral cases are currently associated with this variant.

Scientists estimate that Delta variants are 40% to 80% contagious, and if they have already been detected in multiple states in the United States, an outbreak similar to that in the United Kingdom is imminent. It raises concerns that it may be possible.

This variant, known as B.1.617.2, surged infections in the United Kingdom by 50% in a week and increased hospitalization by 15%.

Infected people in Hawaii returned to the state after traveling in Hawaii. According to the State Department of Health (DOH), the COVID test was negative, but then began to experience mild symptoms and was later tested positive for the virus.

Routine genomic sequencing was performed on samples by the State Laboratories Division (SLD) and confirmed to be linked to a variant known as B.1.617.2.

Dr. Elizabethture, director of Hawaii DOH, said the person’s infection was “one of the very rare and groundbreaking cases in which the vaccine did not prevent the infection.”

However, a British study has shown that the vaccine protects against serious illness with a 96% effective Pfizer vaccine and a 92% effective AstraZeneca vaccine against hospitalization for variants.

The person is not hospitalized and there is no indication that he or she has infected home contacts with the virus or caused secondary cases.

“Early evidence suggests that the delta mutant may spread faster than other SARS-CoV-2 strains,” SLD administrator Edward Desmond said in a statement.

“There are reports that delta mutants have a higher incidence of serious illness than the original COVID-19, but there is not yet sufficient evidence to support that conclusion.”

Coronavirus vaccine provides more protection against infection and hospitalization with delta (Indian) mutants after two doses compared to one dose

Coronavirus vaccine provides more protection against infection and hospitalization with delta (Indian) mutants after two doses compared to one dose

Data from Johns Hopkins University show that the United States hit a tough milestone on Tuesday, surpassing 600,000 coronavirus deaths.

That number is more than the combined number of Americans who died during World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War, and is equal to the number of cancer victims per year.

However, health officials are very concerned about the combination of highly infectious variants and unvaccinated Americans, as seen in the United Kingdom.

Millions of people across Britain are now being asked not to travel or hold indoor gatherings to curb the epidemic of India’s Delta subspecies.

Guidance affecting 3.6 million inhabitants was published for England’s Midlands and Northwest, which are looking at above average percentages of mutant strains.

Coronavirus cases are undoubtedly increasing in the United Kingdom, occurring at the same time as the hijacking of Indian variants in the weeks following the end of most blockade rules on May 17.

After confirming 8,125 to 7,490 cases yesterday Friday, the average number of positive tests published daily has exceeded 7,000 since the end of the second wave of March.

The number of cases confirmed two weeks ago was 50,017, a 50% increase from 33,496 cases in the previous week.

Locations with relatively high delta variant infections (Bedfordshire, London, Birmingham, Manchester, East Lancashire) showed the highest hospitalization rates in the latest data, but even the most devastating hospitals still Only 5 patients were hospitalized. June 6th.

In addition, there were 44 Covid patients in the ward of the University of Manchester NHS Trust on June 8, with the largest number being hospitalized in total.

This is the highest in the country, increasing by almost 60% in a week from 28th June.

Hospitalizations are skyrocketing across the UK, especially at Delta Variant hotspots.

The increase was significantly slower than in the case, with a 15% increase in the last week, from 875 new admissions by June 1st to 1,008 in the week through June 8th.

However, this can be the effect of a time lag between someone getting infected and getting sick enough to require hospital treatment.

Due to the epidemic of the Indian Delta variant, which is 60% more infectious than the Alpha strain, also known as the Kent variant, and is believed to double the chances of hospitalizing unvaccinated people), the British government Braked in June in the UK. 21 Free days.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday night that the numbers are forcing a four-week delay in ending the blockade in Britain.

The remaining blockade restrictions are currently scheduled to be lifted on July 19, when Johnson promised a “end date.”

WHO wants fully vaccinated people to wear masks to protect them from dangerous “Indian” delta variants

Source link WHO wants fully vaccinated people to wear masks to protect them from dangerous “Indian” delta variants

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