Why Did Dustin Downer Leave Big Timber? Where Is He Now?


‘Big Timber‘ provides an authentic peek into the Canadian logging industry by focusing on Wenstob Timber, one of the few remaining family-run logging mills on Vancouver Island. Wenstob Timber is run by Kevin Wenstob and his wife, Sarah Fleming, while their sons, Erik and Jack, are integral members of the team. However, running a massive logging operation requires a dedicated crew, so Kevin depends on his right-hand man, Coleman Willner, as well as a diverse team of loggers, engineers, yarder operators, and more to keep things perfect. While ‘Big Timber’ takes us into the frequently lives of the people involved with Wenstob Timber, we moreover get to witness the issues and obstacles loggers face each day.

Dustin Downer is a faithful millhand who was associated to Wenstob Timber for a really very long time. He proved himself through his work and was always desirous to sort out new obligations. Hence, followers have been pretty surprised when Dustin immediately decided useful in his uncover and depart. Let’s uncover out why Dustin Downer left ‘Big Timber,’ lets?

Why Did Dustin Downer Leave Big Timber?

Interestingly, Dustin Downer was educated bodybuilder earlier to turning into a member of Wesntob Timber as a millhand. As a finish end result, his fastidiously built-up physique turned out to be an infinite plus degree, as Dustin may merely select up large planks or logs, which could in every other case must be transported by a forklift. Right from the very beginning, Dustin proved to be a faithful employee who wasn’t afraid to position throughout the exhausting work and dedication Kevin demanded from his crew. He was quick to check the ropes, and although frequently life in a logging mill is tough and taxing, Dustin acquired accustomed to the job and began inserting in his hundred %. Moreover, since he was associated to the company for about 4 years, the expert millhand didn’t draw again from taking over quite a few obligations and did his work with a passion rivaled by only some.

Unfortunately, throughout the third episode of season 2, the current revealed that Dustin had put in his uncover to surrender Wenstob Timber. Although the earlier bodybuilder talked about that he acquired to check a lot by working for Kevin and Sarah, he decided to depart to have the ability to return to his hometown. While on the current, Kevin acknowledged that if an employee was associated to the company for a lot of years, they grew to grow to be further like a family. Thus, he was pretty disenchanted to see Kevin go nonetheless wished him the best for the long term.

Where Is Dustin Downer Now?

While on ‘Big Timber,’ Sarah revealed that Dustin pretty Winstob Timber as he acquired a risk to work at an even bigger mill in his hometown. Thus, from the seems to be like of it, Dustin has returned to Chase in British Columbia, the place he’s employed at an space mill. Besides, he has resumed his bodybuilding efforts and loves documenting his progress on social media. Additionally, viewers will be glad to know that Dustin is in an beautiful relationship with Valéri, and we wish the pair all the happiness for the years to return again.


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