Why Did Luther Go to the Moon in The Umbrella Academy?


Netflix’s ‘The Umbrella Academy’ spins a story full of secrets and techniques and strategies and lies uttered by an individual to his adopted kids. Reginald Hargreeves makes it his mission to ship as many superpowered kids as doable beneath his wing. He raises seven of them and trains them to handle their powers and work as a crew to save plenty of the world. While Hargreeves certainly not hides his chilly emotions from his so-called kids, he tends to keep plenty of secrets and techniques and strategies. Throughout the seasons, the current peels one layer after one different, establishing the refined nature of his character.

One of his mysterious actions inside the current is to ship Luther, the chief of the Umbrella Academy, to the moon. While Luther spends 4 treasured years away from the Earth, no one is conscious of why Hargreeves put him there. The current leaves some breadcrumbs to adjust to, and right here’s what we now have now pieced collectively from them. SPOILERS AHEAD

Why Did Luther go to the Moon?

Luther is distributed to the Moon by Reginald Hargreeves, who tells him that it’s to present him further focus, whereas moreover conserving observe of the extraterrestrial threats. Luther diligently spends 4 years there, usually sending opinions to Hargreeves on Earth. However, when he returns to Academy, he discovers that his moon mission had been meaningless. Hargreeves certainly not be taught any of Luther’s opinions. He certainly not even opened them. This signifies that irrespective of trigger he gave to Luther for his time spent in isolation and away from the the rest of the world was a lie.

Like Luther, we too think about that Hargreeves had wasted 4 treasured years of his life. However, inside the second season, there’s a passing level out of the mission, which piques our curiosity. It is whereas Hargreeves talks with the Majestic 12 in regards to the Kennedy assassination that we uncover that he has been serving to them win the Space Race. In its return, his curiosity at nighttime aspect of the moon could be supported by the shadow authorities.

This clearly reveals that Hargreeves had some hidden agenda and he didn’t merely ship Luther on the moon mission to waste his time. While the current nonetheless hasn’t revealed the true trigger behind his lunar preserve, it’s safe to think about that Luther wasn’t exactly in on the plan. In Season 3, however, the current drops one different hint, which leads us once more to the ending of Season 1, the place it’s revealed that Hargreeves bought right here from one different time, if not one different world.

Reginald Hargreeves is an alien and he comes from one different world that was destroyed by a nuclear warfare. At the tip of Season 1, we meet his larger half, who’s lying on her deathbed. While Hargreeves wishes to stick along with her, she implores him to depart. She says that the world needs him, following which we see a lot of rockets leaving the ambiance, in addition to the golden particles, which make a return inside the Season 3 finale.

The third season divulges further of Reginald’s secrets and techniques and strategies, and we uncover that he had adopted the seven super-powered kids for one trigger. Previously, he’d suggested the Umbrella Academy that they’d been “meant to save the world”. Whose world, though, that’s the question. In the Season 3 finale, Reginald makes use of the machine inside the pocket dimension to reset the timeline using the golden particles. The new world that he opens the door to is the one the place his partner stays to be alive. She was the rationale why he did all the items horrible and whatnot, and she or he was the rationale why Luther was on the moon.

In a montage that reveals Luther’s isolating time on the Moon mission, we see the woman from Season 1, often known as Abigail Hargreeves, in what’s each a cryo-chamber or a coffin. At one degree, Reginald tells Luther that he was despatched on the moon to guard one factor treasured. The solely issue treasured to Hargreeves was his partner. There is a danger that he had launched his dying partner when he left his world. Because she was too sick to carry out on Earth, he froze her, and to keep her safe, he put her on the moon, the place he knew no one would uncover her. He despatched his most dependable adopted infant there to safeguard her, though Luther had no thought who she was and that she existed.


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