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Why Jade Carey has already won the spot in Olympic gymnastics


There are multiple ways to reach the gymnastics Olympics, and one member of Team USA followed that route rather than relying on exams.

The United States will send five men and six women to the Tokyo Olympics in gymnastics. The reason the extra woman goes is because she worked to gain her position outside the Olympic trials taking place this weekend.

Jade Carrie has already won a personal invitation to compete in Tokyo for her performance in the World Cup Series of Instruments for the past three years.

The top two women in the trial will win the spot at the Olympic team competition. The committee will select three more spots. Two of them will be added to the contest for a team of four members, and one will only participate in individual events.

If Carrie finishes in the top two, she will automatically participate in the team’s competition. But that means that the individual spots she has already acquired will be confiscated and the United States will send only five women.

Carrie seems to have confirmed in an Instagram post last week that she doesn’t intend to take part in the team’s competition.

“By competing in the officially offered 2018-2020 Equipment World Cup series, I’m willing to accept the individual spots I’ve earned hard,” she wrote on June 15.

  • Four women are nominated for team competitions, but they can also compete individually. Two will win automatic berths for team competitions and two will be selected by the committee.
  • The committee nominates one woman as an individual athlete but does not participate in team competitions.
  • Carrie also goes as an individual competitor based on the content of her own work.

On Friday afternoon, NBC Sports confirmed that Carrie had been removed from the floor exercises on the first night of the women’s competition. When the team is announced after Sunday’s second day match, it’s enough to simply miss it to prevent her from being in the top two overall.

At the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, the team tournament consisted of five gymnasts per country. This year it has been reduced to four.

Why Jade Carey has already won the spot in Olympic gymnastics

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