Will Joo Yeo-jeong Get Revenge Against Kang Yeong-cheon in The Glory? Theories

Netflix’s ‘The Glory’ is a South Korean revenge drama assortment that follows Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo), who suffers vicious bullying by the palms of fellow school college students at her highschool. Eighteen years later, she returns to their lives to precise revenge. Along the way in which in which, Dong-eun finds quite a lot of people to help her. One of them is a plastic surgeon named Joo Yeo-jeong (Lee Do-hyun), who turns into her closest ally as she metes out justice on those who tortured her and burned her with curling irons.

It is revealed that Yeo-jeong’s earlier might be riddled with ache and tragedy. His father, a renowned surgeon and then-owner of the Seoul Joo General Hospital, was brutally murdered by an individual named Kang Yeong-cheon. If you’re questioning whether or not or not Yeo-jeong may have the power to get his revenge in opposition to his father’s killer, right here’s what we predict. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Joo Yeo-jeong Be Able to Avenge His Father’s Death?

As the writers of ‘The Glory’ neatly tie up lots of the plot threads by episode 16, Yeo-jeong’s need for revenge is doubtless one of many few points inside the current that keep unfulfilled. It’s not that the gathering doesn’t deal with that, it does, nevertheless we don’t get to see Dong-eun and Yeo-jeong making Yeong-cheon endure for his wrongdoings.

In comparability, with Yeo-jeong’s help, Dong-eun exacts absolute revenge on her tormentors. Son Myeong-o and Jeon Jae-joon die; Lee Sa-ra and Park Yeon-jin are despatched to jail; and Choi Hye-jeong has a scar she’s going to bear for the rest of her life, and her vocal cords are moreover fully damaged. When she is completed, Dong-eun says goodbyes to all people that has helped her, along with Yeo-jeong, and prepares to die by suicide, nevertheless Yeo-jeong’s mother, Park Sang-im, stops her. She tells Dong-eun that Yeo-jeong requested her permission to help the other lady collectively along with her pursuit of revenge. Park Sang-im now asks Dong-eun’s permission to save lots of plenty of the latter’s life, pleading her to tug Yeo-jeong out of his non-public hell.

Yeo-jeong’s father, Dr. Joo, was an idealistic man. Despite realizing that Yeong-cheon was a killer, he agreed to perform on him, as he knew if Yeong-cheon have been to be despatched to a special hospital, he would even be a hazard to the docs and employees there. As Yeong-cheon later pertains to Yeo-jeong, he decided to kill Dr. Joo after listening to him speak about Yeo-jeong. They have been supposed to satisfy that evening time, nevertheless as he couldn’t make it to the appointment, Dr. Joo requested his employees to tell his son to go home and by no means eat ramen. Psychotic as he’s, Yeong-cheon grew to turn out to be indignant, believing Dr. Joo was further apprehensive about his son than him (Yeong-cheon). During the surgical process, he wakened. One of his arms was free, and a scalpel was correct beside him.

When Yeo-jeong lastly purchased to the hospital, his father was already ineffective. Yeong-cheon shortly started mocking Yeo-jeong’s pleas to his father to rise up. Yeong-cheon was later sentenced to lack of life, nevertheless he confirmed fully no remorse. Since then, Yeo-jeong has been caught inside the hell his mother speaks about to Dong-eun. He makes use of Yeong-cheon’s prisoner amount, 3724, as a result of the code for his home security. He is good at hiding it, nevertheless Yeo-jeong is in ache and desires revenge.

Dong-eun lastly reveals up at Yeo-jeong’s home and ensures that she could be his executioner, merely as he had been whereas she was coping along with her bullies. They plan to change Yeong-cheon to Jisan Prison, a facility that’s significantly worse than the place he’s at current incarcerated. Dong-eun and Yeo-jeong infiltrate the penal system, develop close to the jail inhabitants, and assure Yeong-cheon’s change by having him crushed up by completely different inmates. As Yeong-cheon walks into Jisan Prison, he discovers that Yeo-jeong is there, serving as the ability’s doctor.

Just sooner than the change happens, Yeo-jeong visits his father’s killer. Although the latter has been incarcerated and is able to be executed, Yeo-jeong tells him it’s not ample. The solely issue that may make him fully completely happy is killing the other man collectively along with his private arms. Episode 16 ends with Dong-eun and Yeo-jeong’s arrival at Jisan. Although we aren’t confirmed Yeong-cheon’s lack of life, given what everyone knows in regards to the 2 protagonists by now, it’s a matter of time sooner than they succeed. While dealing with Dong-eun’s bullies, they went after wealthier and additional influential people. Even though Yeong-cheon is undoubtedly further psychotic than their earlier targets, Dong-eun and Yeo-jeong know what they’re doing. They are smart and intuitive and understand how the system works. Yeong-cheon has genuine causes to concern for his life.


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