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Windows 11 Causes TPM Shortages, Scalping: Here’s Where to Buy


Windows 11 is Microsoft’s first operating system to require a TPM, or Trusted Platform Module, sending frantic would-be upgraders to online retailers in search of hardware modules. Demand has exploded overnight as users try to nab a TPM as quickly as possible to ensure their PC is compatible with the new operating system, but the market is rough. In some cases, TPMs that sold for $15 are now as high as $100 through eBay. As you can see in the charts below, we took a deep look at the TPM market to see how prices and availability have been impacted in the immediate aftermath of the Windows 11 announcement. We also have a guide to which modules are available for your motherboard. 

The TPM market has largely imploded overnight, with nearly all modules being completely out of stock. Some TPMs are still available, but they’re only available at significantly higher pricing. Scalping is already taking hold, just like we currently see in many other areas of the PC market. Whip in the ongoing chip shortages that could make timely restocks more of a dream than a reality, and we could see a prolonged period of TPM shortages set in.  

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